Lunii: audiobooks for children that educate about sustainability on Earth Day

Lunii: audiolibri per bambini che educano alla sostenibilità in occasione della Giornata della Terra thumbnail

Saturday 22 April Lunii, thanks to Story factorywill celebrate the Earth day 2023 with innovative audiobooks to raise awareness among the little ones on issues related to sustainability and care for the planet.

How the Fabbrica delle Storie intends to celebrate Earth Day 2023

Thanks to the Fabbrica delle Storie, the little ones will be able to listen to numerous stories even without the use of a screen: from stories about the eco-sustainable city of Aquariusto the adventures to restore harmony in the 6 Kingdomswhere nature is rebelling, from Silverthe non-polluting magic truck that takes children around the world, to the audiobook dedicated to the life of Jane Goodallone of the world’s leading activists in the fight for animal rights and nature conservation.

The eco-sustainable principles of the Fabbrica delle Storie have led Lunii to design in a manner environmentally friendly the device, so that the environmental impact due to production is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the Fabbrica delle Storie allows you to upload hundreds of stories that are always different and totally digital, while the Astuccio Lunii, or the case for the device, is made with recycled plastic fibers.

Even Edizioni Lunii, publisher of the storyteller, has done its utmost in favor of the environment, in different formats and narrative universes, suitable for all ages: the stories range from having tender and amusing animals as protagonists for the little ones (age 3+) , to the incredible missions of the Adventurers to restore harmony in nature (ages 5+), up to the exciting life stories of some historical figures for the older ones (ages 7+).

What is the Story Factory

Invented by the young French designer and entrepreneur Maelle Chassardthe Story Factory is basically a device for children come on 3 to 8 years without any screencapable of containing thousands of stories to be created and listened to thanks to the rich catalog of Edizioni Lunii, which presents a selection of 300 different interactive audiobooks by 75 Italian and international authorsavailable in 7 languages ​​on the Lunii website and on the Luniistore.

Furthermore, the Fabbrica delle Storie is the only storyteller capable of allow children to create their own storiesproving to be an entertainment experience that is not only engaging, but above all educational to develop imagination, memory, vocabulary and creative thinking.

La Fabbrica delle Storie is available with a suggested retail price of 64,90€; the Astuccio Lunii a 29,90€; Interactive Audiobooks from 9,90€.

Lunii’s interactive audiobooks for Earth Day 2023

JANE GOODALL by Meg Belviso – Available on the Lunii App (Ages 7+)

Since she was a child, Jane Goodall was curious about all animals, wanting to travel to Africa to discover other amazing creatures. Thanks to her tireless determination, her wish came true, living among magnificent chimpanzees in the jungle of Tanzania and learning to communicate with, love and protect them.

THE ADVENTURERS – THE CALL OF AQUARIA by Romain Lesiuk – Available on the Lunii app (Age: 5+)

Aquaria is the floating city of the Kingdom of the Seas. At the invitation of Nonna Pirata, the Adventurers arrive in the city which, unfortunately, is still an immense construction site. In fact, it is not easy to build an eco-sustainable city and the Adventurers will have to roll up their sleeves to complete the work, having in the meantime to face the disasters combined by Alfonso, the mad inventor.

THE ADVENTURERS – PANIC IN THE 6 KINGDOMS by Romain Lesiuk – Available on the Lunii app (Age: 5+)

In the six Kingdoms there is panic, with sandstorms, pollution of the seas, melting of the glaciers: and nature is rebelling! The Kingdoms and their respective inhabitants no longer know what to do, except to ask once again for the valiant help of the Adventurers. Faced with such a difficult and important mission, will the four heroes be able to save the six Kingdoms?

THE ADVENTURERS – SEARCHING FOR THE TWELVE JEWELS by Romain Lesiuk – Available on the Lunii app (Age: 5+)

The adventurers set off in search of the 12 jewels, the last chance to restore harmony to the 6 Realms once and for all! Unfortunately, however, the mad inventor Alfonso threatens to derail their plans. Will the four heroes be able to save the Kingdoms?

SILVER, THE GLOBAL TRUCK by Sofia Gallo – Available on the Lunii app (Age: 3+)

Silver is a magical and eco-sustainable truck that takes Giulia and Pietro around the world. The two children only have to snap their fingers twice to find themselves in the middle of the jungle, on a polar ice floe or in the middle of an oasis, and they will find the answers to all their questions in Silver.