LXT Esports, inaugurated the gaming house in Milan

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Innovation: this is the keyword that like a prism illuminates the brand new with many different facets Gaming House di LXT Esports, recently inaugurated in Milan. Innovation such as cutting-edge technologies, equipment and seating, innovation as the grit of very young athletes and above all as innovation of a business model in the world of Esports that you will hear about.

In the Gaming House of LXT Esports the protagonist is Acer Predator Gaming

To accompany the gamers, powerful designer devices Predator Gaming: from Orion 3000 desktops with latest generation Intel Core processors and Nvidia RTX graphics cards, to monitors with high refresh rates and innovative eye protection technologies, up to peripherals with an iconic design.

The word to Roberto Daverio, President of LXT Esports

“LXT Esports is a team esport benefit – spiega Roberto Daverio, President of LXT Esports – nine months after its debut, it has already ensured extraordinary results for its athletes and in particular for the first Valorant women’s team, the first in Italy, which – established in January – won the 2023 Minerva Series Italian championship in just a few months, excelling in famous Riot Games title”.

The Gaming House LXT Esports project

But LXT is not alone competition and technique: to characterize, making it unique, the LXT Esports project are the objectives of common benefit aimed at supporting all team members by supporting them with unconventional means for the Italian export scene.

A professional and human commitment that supports the export team with one psychologist, a coach, a nutritionist, a lawyer and a trainer able to help these promising young people with great potential to orient themselves in this profession in a healthy and profitable way. Not only in approaching her, in finding the right engagement and in cultivating her: but also in ensuring a professional transition at the end of her career.

The opinion of Diego Cavallari, Country Manager Acer Italy,

Diego Cavallari, Country Manager Acer Italy, comments: “We are thrilled to sponsor the LXT Esport team with our Predator technology, which will allow girls to compete at the highest level thanks to the excellent performance of the devices. We firmly share the values ​​of the project because we believe it is necessary to reduce the gender gap and enhance the presence of women also in the gaming world.”

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