HP 600 PRO: the new Meliconi headphones are presented

Matteo De Filippi

In this article, let’s discover the HP 600 PRO by Meliconi, the wireless headphones with a special charging base. Let’s see the details

Wireless and with optical digital audio input, are ideal for listening to TV in comfort without disturbing the neighbours. The HP 600 PRO in Meliconi are therefore of a pair of headphones designed primarily for home entertainmentable to make us listen to our favorite TV series and movies in detail and without losing even a second thanks to 8 hours of battery life.

HP 600 PRO: the new Meliconi headphones are presented

Let’s find out in detail the HP 600 PRO by Meliconi

These headphones, light, comfortable and with attention to design, therefore allow up to 8 hours of continuous listening of your favorite TV series and with a excellent sound insulation against external noise. They work in wireless modewhich allows you to listen to programs and music without the encumbrance of cables and leaving complete freedom of movement, with a transmission range between the base and the headset up to a maximum of 100 m in the open field; are also available three distinct transmission channels to avoid interference.

Thanks to the analog audio inputs, digital coaxial and digital optical based on them, they are compatible with all TVs. Furthermore, they can also be used with other devices such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, hi-fi and other analog and digital audio sources. After use you can store on their convenient charging base, which allows you to find them ready for the next listening. In this way you will never risk running out of battery even after a small marathon of a TV series or a film saga.

The audio reproduction is of high quality and comfort is also guaranteed, thanks to the soft ear cushions and the adjustable headband on the top. The recommended retail price is of €110.49. What do you think of these new headphones? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow techgameworld.com!

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