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MacBook Air M2, how much does the “tax for Italy” weigh on the price?

Apple announced her new MacBook Air M2, which will also arrive in Italy but at a higher price than seen in the United States. In fact, if the dollar price is 1199$, in our country rises to 1,529 euros. It almost seems that the Apple has a “Special tax for Italy “, which drives up the price of products. And it seems to have value percentage need.

Does the price of MacBook Air M2 in Italy rise due to the “Apple tax”?

Product prices in our country vary from the United States for several reasons. There is first of all to keep from the camble dollar euroof the costs of distribution which could be different, of the different taxation. Just think that in Italy you have to pay the SIAE on the Private Copya fee due to the fact that MacBook Air memory may record copyrighted media.

But Apple’s calculations seem accurate and dictated by an apercentage increase, probably studied at the table by the marketing experts of the Apple. Maurizio Natali di Wisely tried to calculate this cost based on the price of MacBook Air with M1 and M2 chips.

The reasoning starts from the model launched last year. The American price was $ 999, which in euros and with the increase in VAT to 22% (which American prices never report) become 1027. The Italian price, however, was 1159 euros. A difference of 132 euros, as a percentage, 12.85%.

The author of Wise then decided to test this formula with the new MacBook, using a rate of cambitious average for the next year of 1.08 dollar / euror, by adding VAT and then increasing by 12.85%. The result is that the $ 1199 US price becomes i 1528 euros of the Italian one (with only one euro of uncertainty).

Apple’s tax for Italy

Maurizio Natali in his post has the intellectual honesty to say that this 12.85% cannot have an absolute statistical value. For example, with the new price of MacBook Air with M1, still available for purchase even after the release of the new model, the increase is less.

But it could be considered a range of increase that Apple takes into account when it runs out of prices. We could hypothesize that the Apple provides, based on the initial price and based on the type of product, a percentage increase for the Italian market. Which approximates the euro / dollar exchange rate, taxes (VAT, SIAE, etc.) and all the possible variables that raise the price (transport, logistics, etc.). An average value, which allows you to keep the margins intact.

With this reasoning, the increases seem less arbitrary. Although it certainly changes little for the buyers of the MacBoook Air M2, which in the US as in Italy they only have to evaluate if the product is worth the price. You think? Does it cost too much in our country, or are you ready to shell out the 1529 euro list? Let us know in the comments.

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