Reynor is the new star of the Red Bull podcast

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Reynorthe star of Italian esports, is the new protagonist of the podcast Red Bull made with Chora. Let’s find out more details on the podcast that enters the minds of Italian sport champions!

Il podcast Red Bull

Do you know that according to the famous study of Arthur Aron a list of 36 questions of various kinds to get to know the person in front of us?

25 years after the publication of the essay, Red Bull e Chora for the first time they delved into the depths of the minds of twelve athletes of Italian sport. The name of the podcast is Experiment 36! Are you ready to get to know the intimacy and everyday life of champions from our country?

Reynor guest of Experiment 36

Riccardo Romiti, the Tuscan boy known as Reynor, is known worldwide for his skills. In fact, in his career he boasts of having become the first non-Korean world champion of the StarCraft 2 video game.

Reynor recounted how his career began: “We went to GameStop and I saw Starcraft and I liked the cover, because I had never heard of it, I had never seen how it worked and I said: I like that.”

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridges. In fact, Reynor, is now a full-fledged champion. In fact, in the export category there are training and competitions, where successes have helped to transform the passion for video games into a real job.

Riccardo Romiti, as we said, left the Florentine countryside. Over time he has made his way through national and European events up to the South Korean champions. The latter are strong enough to compete in a league apart from the rest of the world.

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