Maccioverse, the new series of Maccio Capatonda arrives

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Maccio Capatonda lands in the world of TV series with Maccioverse, the first production to be previewed in the metaverse

In its own way, Maccioverse, the new TV series signed by Maccio Capatonda, winner of the latest edition of the Amazon Prime Video Lol show, is historic. The comic series is presented by the new Italian telephone company Mobile and was premiered on Sunday 25 September, and then began its journey, along 5 episodes, from Monday 26 September. The series will be available on Elivision, the streaming platform launched by Elimobile on the smart TVs of all Italians.

Maccioverse was born from an idea of Marcello Macchia, aka Maccio Capatonda, author and director of the series. Alongside the comedian there will be Myriam Lugarà, Valerio Desirò, Pippo Lo Russo and Luca Confortini. In writing, Maccio was assisted by Danilo Carlani, Clemente Meucci, Andrea Mancini and Luigi Luciano (Herbert Ballerina), while alongside him in the direction were Danilo Carlani and Alessio Dogana. The production of the series bears the signature of Micidial, while the executive one of Freak Factory. The project manager is Clotilde Zomparelli, Head of Research Talents & Creation Development Contents at Elimobile.

Maccioverse: the plot of the series

At the center of the story is Maccio, a worker 2.0 which is stuck in a prodigious and risky technological tool. The protagonist finds himself living in a perennial job call and will have to extricate himself between the real world and the virtual one. The series is set in a Dystopian Rome and takes a look at how technology can change our lives in the future and in part it is already doing so, with the usual irony that distinguishes Maccio Capatonda.

The comedian presented his work at the FeST, the TV Series Festival which was held on Saturday 24 September in Milan, with a panel dedicated to the series. On Sunday 25 September a premiere of the project was broadcast, projected entirely in the metaverse thanks to the work of the Czech company Dream Space. A unique experience, which in its own way represents a historic point for TV series.

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