macOS Ventura: all the news, from Stage Manager to Continuity

macOS Ventura: tutte le novità, da Stage Manager a Continuity thumbnail

Al WWDC 2022 Apple premiered macOS Venturathe new version of the Apple desktop operating system, packed with news for Mac users. Come Stage Manager, which helps you stay focused while keeping everything under control. Or the Continuity function to use iPhone as a webcam or Handoff FaceTime, to start a video call on the iPhone and end it on the Mac. And many other software news.

The news of macOS Ventura, from Stage Manager to Continuity and more

From the Cupertino stage, Apple announced two new MacBook with M2 chip, the company’s new powerful chip. But the hardware can do nothing without the software and Apple wanted to talk at length to its developers about the news coming on the various operating systems, including macOS.

The new version of macOS Ventura takes its cue from the needs that many of us are facing. The fluidity of the work requires a computer capable of everything from games to spreadsheets to graphic editing. But above all you need an operating system that make it easy to manage all these activities. This is why “New tools such as Stage Manager allow you to stay focused on activities in progress and to switch from one app or window to another in an even easier and faster way”, as he explains. Craig FederighiSenior Vice President of Software Engineering di Apple.

But without forgetting the integration between the various Apple devices, especially to manage video calls and communication. Like “fContinuity action of the camera brings to Mac new options for video conferencing, including Desk View and Photo Set Light ”by using iPhone as a webcam.

Stage Manager, to manage apps and open windows

Among the novelties presented on the Cupertino stage for macOS Ventura there is Stage Manager, which automatically organizes open windows and apps. The window in use remains open in the foreground, clearly visible. On the left you can see the other activities. If a project requires multiple applications, the various windows will be grouped into a single cluster.

The novelty works in unison with Mission Control e Spaces, making it easy to manage your workspace. And with a click you can return to view the Writing desk.

New in macOS Ventura: the Continuity and Handoff function

A great strength of the Apple ecosystem is the ability to make various devices with the Apple logo work together. Continuity raises the bar even more, allowing you to use your iPhone camera as a Mac webcam, without the need for additional software.

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Mac will automatically detect the iPhone camera, with no need to unlock anything. Your smartphone will also be able to connect to wireless mode, with extreme flexibility. You can then use the powerful iPhone cameras with all the smart functions. Like Auto Framing, Portrait, the new Photo Set Light effect that brightens the face and blurs the background.

Another highly anticipated macOS Ventura novelty is the ability to use Handoff. You can start a call on FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad and then continue it on the Mac when back at home. Or vice versa, if you have started talking on Mac and need to go out you can continue the call on iPhone.

macOS Ventura: the news on the main apps

Lots of news for Mac applications that come along with the new operating system. For example Safari implements new functions for surfing the web in company: there are groups of shared panels, friends, family and colleagues can share their favorite sites and see in real time what others are viewing.

Also comes the option to start a conversation in Messages or a call FaceTime directly from Safarigreat for project research or finding your vacation destination.

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News also for Mail, which makes it easier to search for contacts, documents and more. Also you can schedule emails and cancel sending immediately after shipping them. E Mail has intelligent tools to detect if avete forgotten attachments or CC recipients.

Messages on Mac now allows you to edit or cancel recent submissions. Also new functions to share files and to use SharePlay directly from Messages.

Spotilight now has a simpler navigation system to find files in a second, with many more actions within the app. You can start a timer, create documents or launch shortcuts. Plus Spotlight also includes multimedia results for artists and artists, actors, actresses and TV programs, but also companies and sports.

ICloud shared photo library, you can now create and share a photo library to share with six family members, easily updating it from all associated devices.

In the end, Safari introduce them passkey, unique digital keys that remain on the device to replace passwords. They are safer and allow utilizzare Touch ID e Face ID for biometric authentication. And with ICloud Keychainyou can synchronize them end-to-end with your devices.

Lots of new features on the way

In addition to these novelties, it arrives Metal 3 to manage the gaming experience on Apple platforms, easier and easier thanks to the power of Apple chips. And then there are functions like Active text, which exploits on-device intelligence to recognize the writings in the images present throughout the system. And with Visual search you can recognize animals, birds, insects, statues and even more monuments.

Also comes the apps Weather forecast e Clock, which have been optimized for the Mac with all the features seen on iOS. In addition, Apple has simplified the System Preferences that they become System Settings (System Settings), easier to use. It also increases security with tools such as Rapid Security Response andaccessibility with Live Transcripts for all audio content, Type to Speak for phone calls, and Text Checker for spell checking while using VoiceOver.

All the news of macOS Ventura are available in beta today, while the stable update will arrive this fall for free on all compatible models.

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