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Maestro: the teaser trailer of the film by and with Bradley Cooper

Maestro, the Netflix film dedicated to the life of the great composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, will be at the Venice Film Festival: here is the first teaser trailer with director and performer Bradley Cooper

The first clips of Maestro have finally arrived, one of the most anticipated films of the next season, which will be in official selection at the next Venice Film Festival (although perhaps not present on the red carpet) and will then arrive on Netflix in America in November. The new directorial work by the talented Bradley Cooper is an ambitious biopic of the great composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, famous for the music of West Side Story and for his exuberant personality.

As we see in the first teaser trailer, the story starts in black and whitefrom the meeting of the great Bernstein with his future wife, the actress and activist Felicia Montealegre Cohn, played by Carey Mulligan, with the accompaniment of Gustav Mahler’s music, and continues in color with the success of the composer and the discovery of his homosexuality. If the film will live up to the trailer, the premises are really good, especially for the extraordinary transformation of Bradley Cooper into Leonard Bernstein. The rest of the excellent cast consists of Maya Hawke, Matt Bomer e Jeremy Strong.

Maestro: the first teaser trailer

Maestro tells the love story between Leonard Bernstein and the actress Felicia Montealegre, of Costa Rican descentand the strong connection they built, over the thirty years from their first meeting, in 1946. The two met at a party but their first engagement was interrupted and she accompanied each other for a few years at theattore Richard Hart. In 1951, however, the two met and got married and three children were born from their union. The relationship is interrupted by the discovery of homosexuality of her husband, who in 1976 left his wife to go and live with the conductor Tom Cothran. The bond between them, however, remained very strong, so much so that as soon as she fell ill with the cancer that would have killed her in 1978, it was Bernstein himself who assisted her until the end of her life. From the first pictures it looks like that Bradley Cooper managed to do a great job, we’ll find out in any case very soon.

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