Magic Legends: announced the definitive closure of the servers

Does not pass the beta phase Magic Legends: the development studio has announced the definitive closure of the servers for next autumn

It ends even before starting the path of Magic Legends: the Cryptic Studios team, which took care of the development of the title, has announced the next one shutdown of servers. At the time of the announcement, the game, published by Perfect World Entertainment and distributed exclusively on PC via the Epic Games Store, was still in its beta version.

Magic Legends: the reasons for the closure

They have not been disclosed i real reasons for which the development team of Magic Legends has chosen to proceed with the closure of the servers and, consequently, to prematurely interrupt the development and publication of the title, which at first was destined to also land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Wanting to speculate about it, we can say that the most likely causes they are the inability to build a base of loyal players, the choice to insert a monetization system and the scarce diversity of the proposed actions. In any case, whatever the real reasons behind this choice, the closure has been set for the next one October 31st.

Magic Legends is an Action RPG based on the lore of the well-known trading card game Magic The Gathering. The title uses isometric graphics, which bring to mind the classics of the genre such as Diablo and Sacred, and is characterized by the use of an artificial intelligence, called “the director”, capable of adjust the difficulty of the game depending on the level of the player. It is possible to play the title either alone or with other players in co-op mode.

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