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Magic: The Gathering presents the new expansion Strade di Nuova Capenna

Crime, class and corruption. All in Strade di Nuova Capenna, the new game expansion of Magic: The Gathering in Art Deco style. The set is in fact set in a noir metropolis called Nuova Capenna, and is centered on five criminal families who compete for control of the city. 281 cards, available both in print and on MTG Arena.

The 5 families of the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering

It will be up to individual players to decide which of the five families they want to join. Each of these will be led by a specific boss and is characterized by a unique game mechanic. The five families are:

  • Obscura: skilled spellcasters who use their abilities to deceive, using the art of illusion and orchestrating scenarios to manipulate and blackmail their opponents.
    Mechanics: Plot – draw a card then discard a card. If you discarded a nonland card, put a + 1 / + 1 counter on the creature it plotted.
  • Maestro: vampires of yesteryear and art connoisseurs. They are ruthless killers who hide within an elite, determined to preserve the culture of the Old Capenna.
    Mechanics: Collateral damage – sacrifice a creature with power N or greater to copy any spells linked to this ability.
  • Riveters: peerless artisans who rely on brute force to get their job done. They are true masters of intimidation and destruction.
    Mechanics: Blitz – creatures, with Blitz, can have an alternative cost to gain “speed” and “when this creature dies, draw a card”. Sacrifice the creature at the start of the next end step.
  • Cabaretti: A group of druids known for throwing the most lavish parties in New Capenna, but their power over the masses extends far beyond the luxurious ballrooms.
    Mechanics: alliance – every time another creature enters the battlefield, a unique effect is activated.
  • Intermediaries: seem to deal with trivial legal matters and property disputes, in reality these questionable lawyers secretly follow a grim doomsday prophecy.
    Mechanics: Shield Token – If a creature with a shield token would be destroyed or take damage, the shield token is removed.

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