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The Great War of Salento, on May 4th preview in Rome

The King cinema in Rome is preparing for the preview of the film, The Great War of Salento, which will also be attended by the director, Marco Pollini and the cast.

Wednesday 4 May, at 9.15 pm at the King cinema in Rome, the film The Great War of Salento will be presented. In the room there will also be Marco Pollini, director of the film, and the cast.

The film is produced by Ahora! Film with the support of the Apulia Film Commission film fund.

The cast

The film is out on May 5th, is taken from the historical novel of the same name by Bruno Contini and the cast is composed of: Marco Leonardi, Paolo De Vita, Pino Ammendola, Uccio De Santis, Valerio Tambone, Lucrezia Scamarcio, Riccardo Lanzarone, Martina Difonte, Fabius De Vivo, Rossana Cannone, Michele Vigilante, Loretta Micheloni, Stefania Ciccarelli, Giuseppe Ninno, Fabrizio Saccomanno, Andrea Scardigno, Serena D’Amato and Luca Pastore.

The plot

The story takes place in complicated postwar periodas the world tries to recover from the destruction of two world wars, in Salento another guerrilla is unleashed between two villages, Supersano and Ruffanoall because of a football match.

The strong rivalry between the two football teams from their respective countries mirrors the rivalry of the two team presidents.

Supersano is represented by Ernestoagricultural entrepreneur, while Ruffano Calcio is represented by Alfredo, retired general of the fascist regime. Underlying it all are desires for power, madness and delusions of omnipotence.

In the background the love story between Giulio and Agnese and the friendship that unites them to another couple of boys, Giovanna and Antoniowho will be the first fan in the history of Italy to lose his life in a football match.

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