Magnum officially enters the metaverse with Magnum Pleasureland

Magnum entra ufficialmente nel metaverso con Magnum Pleasureland thumbnail

Magnum makes his official entry into the metaverse with Magnum Pleasurelandan environment created by the creative agency Xister Reply and accessible to all thanks to The Nemesis.

Magnum Pleasureland

The Nemesis is the entertainment platform that offers new ways of experiencing virtual experiences, accessible from both mobile and desktop apps. Also with Magnum Pleasureland, the metaverse experience will allow users to interact directly with the brand thanks to special and captivating gameplay and entertainment activities, taking advantage of the latest Web3 technologies.

Magnum Pleasureland is an island inspired by the Magnum world, where the user can experience a unique adventure, exploring mountains of chocolate and waterfalls of caramelobserving the iconic sticks scattered in the panorama and the gold details.

There will also be a large screen where images of the countryside will be projected and a “villa” which hides an arcade room where a series of games will be available, including a Trivia Quiz with questions related to the Magnum world.

For maximum gluttony, users can take advantage of another pyramid-shaped corner, which encloses the Magnum Pleasure Store through which, by clicking on the sides of the pyramid, users will be able to know and observe the different Magnum products, which can be purchased directly on Globo.

In fact, for the occasion, Glovo users will receive a discount coupon that can be used directly in the Magnum Pleasure Store inside the Pleasureland, giving users the best of the virtual and real experience.

AWA project and the new ice creams

Magnum, however, is also on the side of women. In one of the areas of the island, you will find a corner dedicated to progetto AWAi.e. the program female empowerment for Ivorian women communities of cocoa farmers, brought to life by a digital avatar: users will thus be able to find all the information relating to the initiative and a direct link to the in-depth section on the Magnum website.

Continuing with the exploration of the area, users will know two portals, one dedicated to Magnum Nocciola Remix and one dedicated to Magnum Sunlover & Starcheserthe brand new ice creams designed by Magnum for the 2023 summer season. The portals will literally transport the user into the areas dedicated to the new products, allowing them to discover all their aspects and characteristics.

Magnum’s pursuit of pleasure certainly does not end here, but amplifies and branches out between different realities to express itself to its fullest. In fact, Magnum has chosen the metaverse to live diversified experiences, but always remaining with their feet connected to reality and stimulating pleasure seekers to explore all forms of pleasure!

To visit the Magnum Pleasureland you can click on the following link, while for The Nemesis platform you can click here.

For more information, visit the official Magnum website.