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Ultenic FS1: Launched the company’s first Auto-Empty cordless vacuum cleaner

Ultenic presents the FS1 Auto-Empty stick vacuum cleaner, the goal is to compete with large companies with a cheaper product

Ultenic, brand that deals with smart appliances for cleaning, announces its first stick vacuum cleaner ALL-in One, called a cordless vacuum cleaner FS1 Auto-Empty. The intent is to compete with similar vacuum cleaners from LG e Samsunghigh-end vacuum cleaner with self-emptying function at approx 1000€, but with a prezzo more reasonable e accessible.

Ultenic FS1: Launched the company's first Auto-Empty cordless vacuum cleaner

How does the auto empty feature work? | Ultenic FS1

Vacuum cleaners may be familiar to most people. However, with its name, what makes up for it totally different product and the system Of automatic emptying with a large 3 liter disposable dust bag, where the vacuum cleaner sits empties by itself and eliminate the mess of emptying the dust chamber. This can be there definitive solution to most complaints about vacuum cleaners, emptying the dust tank creates its own kind of mess where fine dirt mostly gets into, but also around the bin. With this new product, users just need to substitute il bag for dust every month or even longer instead of emptying the bin every time after vacuuming.

Ultenic FS1: Launched the company's first Auto-Empty cordless vacuum cleaner

Other peculiarities and availability | Ultenic FS1

Ultenic offers a great suction power of 30.000 Pa, until 60 minutes of autonomyUV lamps in the dust bag and others cool features on this product, with the aim of providing a superior cleaning experience. Also, in the package are present eight accessories, a battery, 2 spare cleaning accessories, 2 extra filters2 extra dust bags, a tower that serves as a container, a container per dust e dirty it’s a battery charger.

This cordless vacuum cleaner Ultenic FS1 Auto-Empty is now available on Amazon for €399.99, with 50€ Of coupon. So, the final price is €349.99. What do you think about this product? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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