Mahmood x Hot Wheels in the new Kobra video clip

The video clip of “Kobra” is now out, a song contained in Mahmood’s new album “Ghettolimpo”, which has collaborated with Hot Wheels

The song, produced by DRD, presents the figures of Cobra, people you cannot trust and from whom you have to distance yourself: in life you have to learn to distinguish those who really love you from those who want to exploit you for other reasons. The video clip, directed by Attilio Cusani contains a special collaboration with Hot Wheels (# 1 toy car brand in the world and ever-evolving franchises) see Mahmood launched in a reckless and adrenaline rush that has the flavor of continuous challenge and courage, aboard a special Jaguar F-Type Hot Wheels. Alessandro he has declared:

As a child I was crazy about the models of toy cars, the roaring races, the loop of the loop and here I enjoyed trying those feelings again and putting myself out there.

Mahmood x Hot Wheels in the new Kobra video clip

Competition, courage, trust, the contours of one’s own identity that are also defined in comparison with others: these are some of the themes and values ​​shared by Hot Wheels and by Mahmood himself, who in this video together launch a motivational message, to teach not to give up in the face of difficulties, encouraging to try, to fail and to try again until success is achieved. Andrea Ziella Head of Marketing and Digital at Mattel Italy, continued by saying:

Seeing Hot Wheels arriving in the world of music is a source of pride for us at Mattel Italia, even more so if we talk about Mahmood, one of the greatest talents of the Italian and European music scene. Hot Wheels has always carried the concept of challenge with it and we are happy that the Kobra video clip has highlighted, in a completely unique and exceptional way, the adrenaline-fueled aspect that the brand wants to continue to communicate to the new generations.

Mahmood x Hot Wheels in the new Kobra video clip

Let’s find out more about the album

The album opens up to a multi-faceted world, where each track refers to a symbolism and the story of a character, revealing itself to the listener song after song. A universe populated by gods and various figures, where suggestions drawn from Greek myths are combined with the experiences of modern heroes who live their daily lives. In Mahmood’s “Ghettolimpo” we do not find omnipotent characters belonging to an unreachable place, but the description of simple extraordinary people who try to give meaning to their lives. No one is immortal and no one is a mere human, but we find entities with a common soul aimed at facing the unattainable on the one hand and the crudest and most everyday reality on the other.

Ghettolimpo”Represents an imaginary made up of two souls with many nuances that are found and intersect in the lyrics of the album, an authentic record that takes inspiration from influences and life references transformed into an artistic and sound dimension with multiple contaminations.

Anticipated by the single “Inuyasha“(Gold record), and from”Klan” e “Zero”, A song that is part of the soundtrack of the homonymous Netflix original series of which he also edited an episode as music supervisor, the entire disc is the result of Mahmood’s continuous research and musical experimentation.

“Ghettolimpo” has one narrative direction made up of images and aesthetics that compose a coherent story in every detail, in style and also in collaborations. And so there are two precious featuring with Elisa among the most popular Italian singers in “Rubini” and with Woodkid in “Karma”, a multifaceted international artist, who also produced the song. With the artistic supervision of Dardust who has accompanied him from the beginning, Mahmood has also involved some of the best producers such as MUUT, Francesco Fugazza, Francesco “Katoo” Catitti and authors such as Davide Petrella, Salvatore Sini.

“Ghettolimpo”, as well as in standard CD and LP formats, is also available on the Universal Music Group website in signed version and in an exclusive bundle that includes CD, the 45 laps of “Kobra / Zero” and the macchinina Hot Wheels (Jaguar F-Type model, 1:64 scale). Continue to follow to always keep up with the news regarding the nerd world, the cinema world and much more!

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