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Manage Access and Devices, what is the new function available on Netflix for?

Netflix recently introduced a new feature on the streaming service, Manage Logins and Deviceswhich allows users to remove any unwanted access. Let’s find out all the details together.

Manage Access and Devices, what is the new function available on Netflix for?

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Do you want to prevent your ex from continuing to use your Netflix account without having to change the password? A new feature from Netflix will make that possible. Today Netflix made it available “Manage Logins and Devices”a new feature that allows account owners to remotely log out from devices they don’t recognize or no longer want to use.

The addition could also help push Netflix various users to subscribe to the service. In fact, with this new feature, many of them could no longer have access to the streaming platform (if logged in without the account holder’s knowledge).

The new feature follows on from other features that are aimed at limit account sharingsuch as Profile Transfer.

To remove devices from an account, Netflix subscribers simply go to “Account Settings” and find the “Manage Access & Devices” option. This page allows them to view the most recent devices used by the user, as well as the device type (Roku smart TV, Android phone, etc.), theIP address and also the exact time and date when the device last accessed the subscriber’s Netflix account.

After a subscriber selects “Sign Out” on an unknown device, Netflix recommends changing your password for added security. However, this procedure is not mandatory. In the future, account owners will receive login notifications by email.

Netflix is ​​trying to get back up following the numerous losses of subscribers in recent months. Recently, in Italy, the new cost plan of the service supported by advertising. The new subscription is available at the price of 5.49 euros per month. For more information, you can consult the our article.

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