Teledyne Flir annuncia Flir One Edge Pro, termocamera wireless thumbnail

Teledyne FLIR announces FLIR One Edge Pro, wireless thermal imaging camera

Teledyne Flir announces Flir One Edge Proa thermal imager wireless for mobile devices, which does not need to be connected to the smartphone via cable. This makes it easier to explore areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Also, it supports different operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Teledyne Flir annuncia Flir One Edge Pro

Equipped with protection IP54 and according to RESNET, you can easily connect the thermal imager to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated spring clip. The connection combines both Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing you to use it up to 30 meters away from your supporting device.

Teledyne Flir’s Flir One Edge Pro combines camera and Lepton radiometric thermal imaging camera with 160×120 resolution. The images are in fact brought together through MSX and with the VividIRresulting in clearer images. In fact, the patented solution overlays the details of the camera contours for greater clarity without compromising the thermal details.

Teledyne FLIR annuncia FLIR ONE Edge Pro smartphone min

Chris BanterVice President of Marketing and Business Development at Teledyne Flir, explains: “Thanks to the compact and detachable body, designed to fit comfortably in one hand, The Flir One Edge Pro is the most versatile and advanced mobile thermal imaging camera on the market. It offers significantly greater flexibility, eliminating the need for specific connection ports or operating systems“.

The battery is also better than that of the base model Flir One. Another feature that makes it great for longer inspections. But there is also the convenience of software like Tools Mobile, Ignite cloud and desktop software Flir Thermal Studioto make it easy to analyze and share images.

Bainter continues, “In addition to the new hardware design, Teledyne Flir offers more software tools to support new users in thermographic inspections, image processing and reporting. The most common applications range from building inspections to vehicle repairs to industrial maintenance.”

You can order the thermal imager here, while at this address you will find the SDK to develop custom apps to make the most of it.