Maneater Truth Quest: The game’s DLC is almost complete

Maneater Truth Quest: il DLC del gioco è quasi completo thumbnail

The guys at Tripwire Interactive have announced that Maneater’s DLC Truth Quest is nearing completion and ready to be distributed to fans around the world.. The additional content is slated to arrive this August 31st on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and is expected to add plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into.

Maneater: The Truth Quest DLC is coming

Truth Quest, will be an adventure that will expand the play sector of Maneater and bring the evil sea creature we control into the mysterious Site P, a government place where nothing is as it seems. Here we will have to solve a mysterious conspiracy and help protect the new world order, which is threatened by a mysterious yet unknown force.

In the presentation video we are described the new setting that we are going to explore in deliberately exaggerated conspiracy terms and we see in action a new form of the shark intent on wreaking havoc among the ships around the government island. Truth Quest is therefore a product full of irony and satire, aimed at criticizing the conspiracy theories that crowd the contemporary web.

As per tradition for the title, this additional content will put a number of new mutagens at our disposal, which will allow us to further transform the shark we control. Through these genes it will be possible to transform the fish into a real kaiju, able to destroy ships without difficulty and to shoot energy rays from the mouth.

A necessary power up, given that between the boss of the DLC we will find other marine animals mutated at least as much as we, who will be able to give us a hard time even with the new array of skills at our disposal. Bread for our (razor sharp) teeth, in short.

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