Many new Razer devices dedicated to streamers are available

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Razer has expanded its product range with a large number of new devices designed specifically for streamers

Razer has enriched its range of streaming products with the microphone Razer Seiren BT, the Razer Audio Mixer and the Razer Key Light Chroma. These new peripherals offer greater creativity and flexibility to content creators and streamers even from mobilewith professional-quality wireless audio, mixing live on-stream and infinitely flexible adaptive lighting for more engaging and creative streaming configurations.

Razer Seiren BT will make life easier for IRL streamers

Connecting away Bluetooth and compatible with the most popular mobile streaming applications, Seiren BT gives complete freedom of movement to the streamer, offering rich and warm tonesthrough the omnidirectional microphone and the powerful noise cancellation software.

Using the Seiren BT, the streamer IRL they can be creative, using selfie-sticks and other supports, without the worry of getting caught in the threads. The Seiren BT is based on a simple clip-on design, allowing the streamer to take wide and wide-angle shots, and to frame away from their cellphone, while still maintaining clear on-stream audio.

Whether it’s strong winds or noisy crowds, the Seiren BT microphone intelligently filters out background noise from indoor or outdoor environments with a simple high / low blanking option, via the Razer Streaming Mobile app. Supplied with windsock indoor e outdoorSeiren BT is the perfect solution for IRL streamers looking to elevate their content with consistent audio clarity, wherever they choose to stream.

Many new Razer devices dedicated to streamers are available

The new Razer Audio Mixer gives streamers perfect sound control

The new Razer Audio Mixer it is a solution single-boxdesigned for streaming, with a range of direct inputs is one centralized and powerful audio mixing software stack, which brings new levels of control and live mixing to desktop streamers. Such a level of control traditionally requires a complex, bulky and expensive multi-device setup, but the Razer Audio Mixer packs it all into an easy to use, simple to set up and fully customizable 4-channel analog mixer.

The Razer Audio Mixer allows streamers to control multiple audio sources ‘on-the-fly’, balancing the volume levels between them, muting channels if necessary andadding vocal effects to improve their flows. This level of control is simple to set up, resulting accessible to every streamer regardless of technical skillsthanks to direct input support for the most commonly used types of audio connections, including hybrid-XLR (with 48V phantom power), TRS Line In and Out, Optical TOS and more.

The powerful software of the Razer Audio Mixer is a centralized audio mixing suite, fully integrated into the Razer Synapse 3 and supports all digital audio output sources, including game sound, system, chat and music sources. Through Razer Synapse 3, users can access a range of adjustment options, from software-based noise gate and EQ to reverb and voice changer. Each audio source can be balanced, mixed and mapped to the Audio Mixer’s hardware functions, with settings and processing downloaded to the Audio Mixer’s built-in processor, freeing up PC system resources.

The Razer Audio Mixer simplifies professional-quality audio streaming thanks to a set-up with direct inputs, giving the user full control over audio sources, channel mixes, effects and microphone settings. Supporting both analog and digital audio sources, with channel tuning, mixing per channel and live fading, muting and effects, streamers now have a ‘one-box’ solution that can cope with almost any combination of hardware and software sources, which makes the Razer Audio Mixer the indispensable device for the next broadcasters.

Many new Razer devices dedicated to streamers are available

All streamers will have perfect lighting with the Razer Key Light Chroma

The Razer Key Light Chroma is an all-in-one solution for professional studio lighting, designed to offer maximum personalization to desktop streamers, as it allows them to create unique, engaging and interactive streams with light. Controlling it through the Razer Streaming App o Razer Synapse 3streamers can access a range of presets, sync their lighting with other Chroma RGB-compatible devices, and stream notifications, for a variety of effects that make their broadcasts unique.

For more creative streaming, the Key Light Chroma can unleash up to 16.8 million colors, bringing customizable lighting into streaming, setting the mood and enhancing the viewer experience with lighting that reacts to viewers’ emotes, alerts, and more. In addition to Razer Chroma RGB, Razer Key Light Chroma goes up to 2800 Lumenwith a range of white temperature from 3000k to 7000kbright enough for any streaming setup, including full room lighting for VR streamers.

The Razer Key Light Chroma is supplied with a rod mounted on a desk clamp, surmounted by a ¼ screw ball joint“. The mounting holes on each side of the panel allow you to place it both horizontally and vertically, with the ball joint allowing you to angle the panel as needed. For ‘room flooding’, the pole extends up to 1.3m from the desk surface and can be retracted to stand at 55 cm above the same in order to illuminate the face.

Powered by a 52.5W adapter, la Razer Key Light Chroma è compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetoothgiving the user the flexibility to control their lighting from the Razer Synapse 3 or the Razer Streaming Mobile App.

Many new Razer devices dedicated to streamers are available

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