March 2022 video games: all the most interesting releases

I videogiochi di marzo 2022: da Gran Turismo 7 a Tiny Tina Wonderlands thumbnail

February was a month of great videogame releases, just think of Horizon Forbidden West e Elden Ring, and March does not seem to want to be outdone, given that this month we will have to deal with some rather interesting arrivals on the market. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at which are the most interesting video games coming in March 2022.

The video games of March 2022

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – 1 marzo

Let’s start immediately on the first of the month with Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, an isometric fantasy role-playing game developed by Owlcat Games and published by Koch Media. The game has already arrived on PC last September and will now also land in the console world, more precisely on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (with relative backward compatibility with new generation consoles).

Elex 2 – March 1

Elex 2 is the second chapter of Elex, an open world role-playing video game released in 2017 developed by Piranha Bites and produced by THQ Nordic. In this sequel to the beloved open world RPG ELEX, Jax must once again unite the free peoples of the sci-fi world of Magalan against a new threat, the skyands, who wish to change the face of the planet forever.

Shadow Warrior 3 – 1 marzo

Shadow Warrior 3 is an upcoming first person shooter game developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. It is a direct sequel to Shadow Warrior 2, the game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and already from the trailers promises tons of adrenaline and pleasantly over the top characters, as per tradition for Devolver products.

Babylon’s Fall – 3 marzo

Announced years ago and then heavily reworked in its playful logic, Babyon’s Fall is a new game of Square Enix e PlatinumGames. The title will be a video game focused on cooperative multiplayer with logic vaguely similar to what was seen in the Monster Hunter series and will arrive on PC and console of the PlayStation family. Square Enix has already confirmed the presence of battle Pass and Game Seasons.

Triangle Strategy – 4 marzo

Triangle Strategy is a strategy video game to be released on Nintendo Switch and developed in collaboration with the Artdink team, supervised by Tomoya Asano, producer of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. The title has many features in common with this last video game, of which it seems a direct evolution.

The game, which has already shown itself in a trial version, promises inspired atmospheres and complex fights in which it is necessary to find the best strategy to excel, all in a context that is very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Tactics saga.

Gran Turismo 7 – 4 March

Grand Touring 7 is a driving simulator, developed by Polyphony Digital which will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Announced during the PS5 unveiling event, it will be the eighth chapter (counting Gran Turismo Sport) of the main Gran Turismo video game saga.

The game is presented as an enhanced version of the classic formula of the saga, capable of looking to the future while embracing its past.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok – March 10

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok is the new expansion of Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed, and has been described by the same software house as “the most ambitious expansion in the history of the series”. This DLC will see Eivor face various threats as Odin, the god of war and wisdom.

The DLC will be available from March 10, 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

WWE 2K22 -March 11

WWE 2K22 is the new videogame adventure dedicated to Wrestling WWE, as the name suggests. After a sabbatical the Visual Concepts series is back in action with all the most famous Superstars under the Stamford federation.

There will also be an update on all the most important aspects of combat mechanics, game modes and content, including all the athletes of the Raw, Smackdown and NXT rosters.

Syberia: The Wolrd Before – 18 marzo

We continue the list of video games arriving in March 2022 with Syberia: The World Before, a graphic adventure, created by Benoît Sokal. The video game is the fourth installment of the Syberia saga, including: Siberia, Siberia II e Siberia 3, in fact, taking place shortly after the end of the third chapter, of which it is the direct continuation.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 18 marzo

Stranger of Paradise is a new spin off of the Final Fantasy saga, arriving on March 18 and developed by the guys of Team Ninja, the team of Nioh and Nioh 2. Exactly like the two games mentioned also Final Fantasy Origin it will be a soulslike with mechanics similar to those seen in the series set in feudal Japan.

From the point of view of the plot, the game is configured as a re-imagined version of the first Final Fantasy and will tell the origins of Garland, the villan of the game.

Kirby and the Lost Land – March 25

Kirby and the Lost Land it will be a real revolution for the saga starring the most famous pink ball of the ecosystem Nintendo, as it will be a fully 3D game, unlike its predecessors. Not only that, this title should also be structured as an open world, in which players will be able to explore a vast world using typical Kirby skills.

Ghostwire Tokyo – March 25

Ghostwire Tokyo is a new action adventure in development at the studios of Tango Gameworks, a software house founded by Shinji Mikami. The protagonist of the new work by the author of Silent Hill is Akito, he is none other than an adventurer possessed by the spirit of a demon hunter who, after surviving the transformation of the inhabitants of Tokyo into an army of monstrous creatures, must draw on skills of the demon to face the spirits that haunt the city.

Tiny Tina Wonderlands – 25 marzo

We conclude the list of video games arriving in March 2022 with Tiny Tina Wonderlands, the new co-op title from the authors of the Borderlands franchise. The new game will have a distinctly fantasy atmosphere, RPG mechanics and will be totally dedicated to the character of Tiny Tina. Among the titles coming this month, Tiny Tina is undoubtedly one of the craziest of all.