March news to listen to on Audible

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March it is not only the month of the first scents of spring and the first rains, but from this year also the period of Audible news.

What’s new coming to Audible

Let’s start immediately the roundup of news scheduled for March:

Too many truths

It is a story edited by Fiorenza Sarzanini (who is also the narrator), Alessia Rafanelli and Pablo Trincia and with Francesca Abruzzese and Mauro Pescio.

The plot delves into the murder of Deputy Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega, a man killed by 11 stab wounds from two American boys. A real true crime available from March 13 only on Audible.

Back from the woods

Edited by Maddalena Vaglio Tanet and narrated by Viola Graziosi, Returning from the Woods is a novel set in the early 1970s in a small provincial town where a teacher goes to the same wood where one of her pupils committed suicide.

Returning from the Woods will be available simultaneously in bookstores and on Audible from March 20.

Special Dario Fo and Franca Rame

The works of the writer, playwright, actor and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo also arrive exclusively on Audible, accompanied by the theater actress, playwright and political activist Franca Rame.

From March 24, subscribers will be able to listen to the first five works that revolutionized the theater, written and narrated by the couple who died a few years ago: Funny Mystery (I and II); Open pair, almost wide open; Obscene joke; Accidental death of an anarchist.

On Audible, among the news, there is also the Women’s Day Special

Good girls

Written by Olga Campofreda and narrated by Doriana Costanzo, Good Girls tells the story of a young woman living in London but originally from southern Italy, in a reality where so-called good girls do not always turn out to be such.


Signed and narrated by Giulia Caminito, it is the story of five writers, five girls, five lovers, five perspectives on the world: Morante, Masino, Ginzburg, Bonanni, De Stefani, five women who made the Italian twentieth century.

Melissa, the woman who changed history

Written by Valter Binaghi and narrated by Flavia Ripa, it is set in Crotone in 509 BC and tells of Melissa, a young pupil of the school of Pythagoras, who was saved from the massacre of the Pythagoreans thanks to Liseo, a young lover who will pour all his violence once refused.

For the sake of all

An audiobook signed by Giulia Fazzi and narrated by Michela Atzeni, Per il bene di tutti tells of a village lost in the Apennines, where every day is the same as the others. But the contempt of the women who inhabit it will take care of breaking the monotony.

The art of staying afloat

Valentina Ferrari and Valeria Fuso tell the story of Amelia, a woman on the threshold of thirty with an unusual hobby: drawing up a list of her failures.

War wound

After Il bene di tutti, Giulia Fazzi signs War Wound, narrated by Irene Giuliano. She tells the story of a worker raped by the “boss” who believes she can do what she wants and dispose of people as she sees fit.

She who never touches the ground

Edited by Andrea Donaera and narrated by Riccardo Ricobello and Giulia Greco, She who never touches the ground is the story of Miriam, in a coma after an accident, and of Andrea, who falls madly in love with her despite barely knowing her.

The postwoman

Signed by Francesca Giannone and narrated by Sonia Barbadoro, the story is set in Salento in 1934 and sees Anna become the first postwoman in the country.

All the stories dedicated to Women’s Day will all be published exclusively on Audible on March 8th.

Thriller and Science Fiction

The station

Edited by Jacopo De Michelis and narrated by Riccardo Mei, The station is a thriller set in Milan in 2003 and starring a young inspector with a stormy past: Riccardo Mezzanotte.

The station will be on Audible starting March 10.

Poster Girl

Written by Veronica Roth and for the fantasy genre, Poster Girl explores the world of dystopia and dictatorial surveillance over society.

Exclusively on Audible from March 29th.

Berlin. I fuochi of the Tegel

Fantasy for children written by Fabio Geda and Marco Magnone, is set in 1978, three years after a mysterious virus decimated the adults of Berlin, leaving boys and children as the only survivors.

Berlin. Tegel Fires will be on Audible on 30 March.

The Crown of Bones

Written by Jennifer Armentrout, the story tells of Poppy and her love with Prince Casteel. But a difficult and dangerous mission will fall upon the two and they must complete it before it’s too late.

Crown of Bones will be available on Audible starting March 31st.

More new releases in March on Audible

  • Winter murders – crime genre, by Margaret Doody and narrated by Maurizio Desinan. Out March 1;
  • The War of the Bees – narrative genre, by Andrea Pennacchi. Out March 6;
  • A good joke – crime genre, by Andrea Vitali and narrated by Alberto Onofrietti. Out March 7;
  • surprise me – novel genre, by Sophie Kinsella. Out March 15;
  • Nicolas – novel genre, by Nicola Gardini. Out March 21;
  • The secret code of language – manual genre, by Paolo Borzacchiello. Out March 27;
  • The balance of fireflies – novel genre, by Valeria Tron. Out March 28th.
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