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Sky Sport Motori: the new season is ready to go

Green light for new motor season on Sky Sport (and with this we’ll stop with the circuit metaphors, promise). today atNational Autodrome of Monza, one of the sacred places for enthusiasts of these disciplines, the official presentation of the network’s projects for the year that is about to begin was held. Lots of news and insights, which will allow fans to experience all the races in the best possible way!

Sky Sport launches the new motor season

Acting as master of ceremonies for the day, one of motorsport’s most beloved voices, aka Guido Meda. To him the task of introducing Marzio PerrelliExecutive Vice President of Sky Italia, who recounted how by now “the Casa dello Sport is not just a claim, but a fact with as many as 22 disciplines” in the motorsport sector on offer.

This world is now the flagship of Sky Sports, with almost total coverage of any competition, whether on two or four wheels. An excellent result to be proud of in the year in which Sky – and therefore Sky Sport – turn twenty, an anniversary that will be well celebrated.

Formula 1 has had one continued growth in recent years, both from the effective point of view of audiences, and in terms of general public interest. For this reason, the network has made an exceptional agreement, to maintain the discipline exclusively on its channels until 2027. Also there MotoGP it gathers more and more fans, also thanks to the recent Italian successes. And that’s why the competitions will continue on Sky exclusively until 2025.

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Any numbers from last season? Beyond 20 motorsport championships, more than 320 races, 1600 broadcast live, of which 400 between studio programs and features. In total 43 race weekends, almost once a week throughout the year. Above all, a continuous affirmation of the claim “Together and everywhere”, increasingly valid thanks to the continuous presence also in streaming on Now and on the move with Sky Go, without forgetting a constant involvement on social networks. Everything to bring engines into the homes of all Italians.

What awaits us in the new Formula 1 season?

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Federica Masolin e Carlo Vanzini have picked up the baton to talk about all the news that we will see in Formula 1 in this new motor season on Sky Sport. It will be a very special vintage, which will see the presence of two Italian races (Imola on May 21st and of course Monza on September 3rd), but also one eagerly awaited new tenderthat of Las Vegas, scheduled for November 18th.

A great novelty will be the presence directly on the wall of the commentary team, which will allow the Team Principals to intervene directly in the news. Furthermore, the aforementioned attention to social media has led to the launch of a new pre-pre-match column, which will show the preparation of the team. A commentary team that adds the ex-pilot to the line-up Ivan Capelli and that today almost everything was present at the presentation. The members who are are justified absent already in Bahrain to prepare for the start of competitions.

Naturally, the most popular appointments for engine insights will also return on Sky Sport. Programs like Race Anatomy F1, #SkyMotori e Paddock Live they will not fail to update fans on every aspect of the races. These will be joined by new original productions that will further expand the experience.

After all, the wait for the debut of the season, scheduled for this weekend, it is very high. The Ferrari tests went very well, even if there is undoubtedly still something to fix. Especially it was noticed that cars are even faster and more reliable, promising great competitions. In short, everything is ready in front of and behind the scenes for a big league.

But the motor season on Sky Sport does not forget the MotoGP

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Change on stage to welcome Guido Meda e Vera Spadini, ready to update us on all the news of the next MotoGP season. Starting from the acronym, which once again it is entrusted to Jovanotti which he located in It looks good for you the perfect piece to soundtrack the races.

But there will also be new sections, starting with waiting I leave in Fourth in which the pilot Fabio Quartararo it will be told to the public, answering questions in the pre-competition. There will then be a change in the format of the competition, which adds a Sprint Race. A Saturday afternoon race with a shorter distance and fewer points to be won.

It won’t change much from the point of view of the km traveled by the riders, but it could have significant effects on the championship. In fact, there will be more time to study the opponents and a better chance of recovering positions in the standings, as he explained Mauro Sanchini. Obviously Sky subscribers will be able to enjoy all these new races, with the first six even being also broadcast free-to-air on TV8.

The entire MotoGP championship will then be told in an absolutely unique way, thanks to the Sky Truck: the only mobile studio with a view of the circuits. An exceptional experience for really live, together and everywhere, all the races on two wheels of the season.

And the engines on Sky Sport never end!

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As mentioned at the beginning, they can be found on Sky over 20 motorsport championships, also thanks to the Eurosport offer, a channel that is always available in the package. In addition to Formula 1, MotoGP and their different series and categories, you will be able to find the Superbikethe so-called Formula Indyil WRC World Rally Chapmionshipthe big news of the World Endurance Championshipthe Ferrari Challengethe Porsche Mobile 1 and many, many other races.

In short, a very rich offer of engines for all fans of these sports on Sky. If you want to know more, please visit the official website.

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