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Mare Fuori 4: release date and previews of the next season

Renewed for a fourth season; here is everything you need to know about the upcoming release of Mare Fuori 4. a successful TV series made in Italy by Rai, directed by Ivan Silvestrini

All ready for next season Sea Outside 4, the successful Italian TV series by Rai. Under the accurate direction of Ivan Silvestrini; he immediately captured the clamor and warmth of the Italian public, standing out for the sensitivity of the times brought to light and the skill of the young interpreters.

In fact, after the official announcement of the start of filming of Sea Out 4 (scheduled for this month of May); fans are increasingly anxiously waiting to know some details and news on the fate of the protagonists. Only recently the director, Ivan SilvestriThose. some leading actors of the series such as Ludovica Coscione e Matthew Paulillo; they have brought forward some small tidbits of news, but always keeping a low profile.

We remind you that the seasons are available on the platform Netflix e RaiPlay. Let’s find out the details on the next season below… but beware of spoilers! If you have not yet seen the third season of Mare Fuori, do not continue further.

Mare Fuori 4: release date and previews of the next season

Mare Fuori 4: release date, cast and plot on the next season

At the moment everything related to the official plot of Sea Out 4 seems surrounded by an aura of mystery. Despite the desire to keep everything top secret, there were some small spoilers on possible members for next season. In fact, as already mentioned in the previous article dedicated to Sea Outside 4; the new season will see the departure of some of the cornerstone characters of the series (such as Carolina Crescentini and Valentina Romani) and the arrival of other new protagonists.

Between unexpected twists and tearful farewell; the one big dilemma that brought turmoil among the fans was only one: what will be the fate of Curly Rose Will (Maria Esposito) be there? The answer came directly from director Ivan Silvestrini in a recent interview, who firmly stated:

I think you deserve to know that next season… Rosa will be there!

Confirmed for a fourth and fifth season; the new release of Mare Fuori 4 is scheduled for early 2024. Mare Fuori is characterized by its raw, direct and real plot. The tormented events of the young boys of the Juvenile Prison Institute will accompany the viewers and the most loyal fans in the premiere for further seasons.

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