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Mare Outside a good Italian production

Mare Fuori the awaited Italian series between good production and repetitiveness of the themes

On February 15 they were broadcast on Rai2 the first two episodes of the third season of Mare Fuorithe highly anticipated sequel to the series set in a juvenile prison in Naples.

The main themes of Mare Fuori

The series tells about boys and girls whose choices brought them together within the same structurerecounting excerpts and episodes of their moments inside and outside the same.

In these events it is also shown how the IPM influences the behaviors, choices and relationships of the boys. With the confirmation of the fourth season, public expectations are very highnecessarily having to give explanations for the stories left open in the previous one and unravel doubts about the possible decisions and actions of the protagonists, especially given the incipit of the first two episodes aired.

The Italian spirit of Mare Fuori

Mare Fuori is one of the many series of recent production written, produced and set in the Italian territory, which, in addition to marching on the theme of crime, takes on another characteristic of the most famous, among which Gomorra stands out, the setting: the South . Despite the similar thematic of crime, we are going to write about different gravities, despite the very young age of the protagonists. The series, therefore, is characterized by the adolescent theme, leading older viewers to reflect on today’s education and the younger ones to identify themselves and become aware of the consequences of that type of action.

Mare Outside a good Italian production

The attention of those who follow the series is held high by the structure of the individual episodes, despite the fall into a few moments of clichés. Like, for example, Ciro’s attitude in the first season and his departure from the scene, and also that of her sister, Rosa Ricci, with her almost stereotyped entry into the scene. These are just a few elements they highlight a tune between predictability and good storytelling that are well balanced. Their union makes one perceive a lightness for the heavy topic covered in the single episode. Obviously there is no shortage of ironic moments to defuse the scene.

Another peculiarity of the series is that of showing, or rather making one hear local music, produced even by one of the protagonists of the series, Edoardo (AKA Matteo Paolillo), giving further autochthonous value to the transmission.

The sometimes redundant themes of Italian productions

The set of all of these common points, but at the same time discordantgive the entire series a uniqueness that could lead it to become the worthy heir and rival of the already internationally famous works such as Suburra.

This prediction is made to reward the Italian nature of the product, hoping, however, not to export only valid works of a criminal naturetrying to be able to put the same commitment and the same quality into broader and more diversified issues by aiming at topics less inclined to the dark side of our nation or at most by showing all the context surrounding the main issue.

Talking about these realities is, however, very useful because they also bring to light dynamics in a context that produces both satire and information.

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