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MARIANGELA PIRA: perché la tecnolgia influenza la finanza?

The finance it is a dark matter for many people, it is complex and made up of numbers but especially in recent years – with the advent of internet and modern technologies – is constantly changing ending up leaving us a bit disoriented. Buckle up because today THE LIFE OF TECH will guide you to discover the financial world from a different point of view than usual. He will take care of guiding us in this adventure Mariangela Pira.

Markets always “react” to technology

How did the financial markets react during the launch of the first iPhone in 2017? Artificial intelligence and electric cars… do the markets like them? These are all doubts that I have always had and continue to have. Fortunately for this episode of LE VIE DEL TECH I will be able to avail myself of the precious help of Mariangela Piraa real institution in the field of financial information.

Mariangela Pira, professional journalist, hosts the daily Business column on SkyTg24 and is the author of the successful podcast 3Fattori. You worked at Class CNBC in the role of head of the China Desk, and curator of the windows on the Stock Exchange and markets for TG5 and for La7 TG. She was the presenter in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry of Foreign News Dossier, a news report on Italian diplomacy, for which she traveled to Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel and Palestine. You continue to deal with cooperation with Terre des Hommes Italia, an organization with which you have traveled to Africa and Iraq in the context of projects concerning the condition of women. She began her career at Ansa in New York and has a long experience in China. You have collaborated with “Mf Milano Finanza”, “Panorama”, “L’Espresso”, “il novembre di Repubblica”. In 2017 you wrote Fozza Cina (with Sabrina Carreras, Baldini & Castoldi). With her Chiarelettere she published in 2020 Year Zero AD and the ebook Chronicle of an unannounced disaster, in 2021 The new world. Domino Effect is her latest book, dedicated to explaining how the global world affects our pockets

If I’ve intrigued you, I suggest you don’t miss our interview with Mariangela Pira.

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Questions to Mariangela Pira

In the unfortunate event that you are only interested in some of the topics of the interview, the video has been divided into chapters which correspond to a question.

00:00 Who is Mariangela Pira
01:28 Are technology and finance really related to each other?
05:37 Is technology a double-edged sword?
07:50 To invest well, you need to know current events. It is true?
10:15 AM When iPhone was launched, how did the markets react?
11:10 NVIDA on the financial markets. What did he do?
12:38 What do the markets think about the METAVERSE?
17:37 What are FINTECH?
21:50 The electric car… what do they think what do they think?
24:10 Bigtech: Apple also becomes a bank. What do we expect?
27:45 Will the user trust Apple or a bank more?
29:40 Do Chinese markets react differently to technology?
31:15 How do the Chinese experience the control of technology?
37:25 Crypto: how have they changed finance?

What else we have in store for you:

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