Smartglasses ConnectedRide, BMW presents smart glasses for motorcyclists

BMW Smartglasses ConnectedRide, arrivano gli occhiali da moto con head-up display thumbnail

We have waited and longed for them, the motorcycle goggles with head-up display are here BMW Smartglasses ConnectedRide.

BMW Smartglasses ConnectedRide, the motorcycle glasses with head up display arrive, press office source

From science fiction to reality

Premise: in the world ofcars already exist. Or rather the technology that projects all the data directly onto the field of view in real time. And it helps the rider in driving and experiencing a new form of safe driving.

Now they also come for motorbikes. As BMW motorcycle presents the Smartglasses ConnectedRide.

How they are made

Innovative motorcycle goggles offer the technology head-up display. They then project all relevant data, such as navigation, speed or gear.

They do it directly in the pilot’s field of view in real timethus enabling advance information and therefore safer driving.

They connect to the smartphone

The ConnectedRide smart glasses from BMW Motorrad can be easily connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and app. The projection can be positioned and settings selected before riding and also while riding via the multi-controller on the motorcycle handlebar.

In addition to the customized user interface and increased driving safety, the smartglasses also offer a high level of comfort. The design of the smart glasses and the display has been adapted to meet the specific needs of motorcyclists. Furthermore, the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses can be adapted to numerous helmets and face shapes. This makes them comfortable to wear even on long journeys. There Lithium-ion battery allows up to ten hours of operation.

BMW Motorrad also supplies two sets of UVA/UVB certified lenses with the frame. One set of lenses is 85% clear and can especially be used with helmets with integrated visors. The other set has colored lenses that transform the smartglasses into a perfect pair of sunglasses.

BMW Smartglasses ConnectedRide, the motorcycle glasses with head up display arrive, press office source

BMW Smartglasses ConnectedRide, the motorcycle glasses with head up display arrive, press office source

For i eyeglass-wearing riders, the lenses can be ground and adjusted to the required visual acuity (up to a maximum of 4 diopters) by an optician using an RX adapter. For contact lens wearers, smart glasses can be used normally. The set also includes a glasses case and a USB charging cable.

The highlights of the BMW Motorrad Smartglasses ConnectedRide

– Two sizes (M + L) available with different nose pads. M for a pupil distance of 53 to 67 mm, L for a distance of 59 to 73 mm.

– Two sets of lenses (1 colored lens and 1 85% clear lens), built-in light sensor, certified UVA/UVB filter.

– RX adapter to adjust the lenses according to the visual acuity required (up to a maximum of 4 diopters) by an optician.

– Can be connected to a smartphone and the BMW Motorrad Connected App via Bluetooth.

– Transfer of GPS data in real time from the app to the smart glasses.

– Head-Up function for navigation with individual display.

– Speed, speed limit, gear and navigation display (small arrow display or detailed navigation with street names, junctions and precise directions).

– Integrated brightness sensor and integrated optical module for secure data transfer and display on the top left of the right glass.

– The lithium-ion battery guarantees up to ten hours of operation.

– USB charging cable.

– Operating temperature from -10° to +50°C.

– Color: Anthracite.

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