Marina Abramović: come see No Predicted End for free

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Marina Abramović and Ulay, contemporary artists and life partners for many years, have left a documentary that talks about their life and their art, produced in 2022: let’s find out together how to watch it for free in streaming

Marina Abramović is a contemporary artist, known for her performative works, which have to do with her body, in fact her field is precisely that of body art. She is known all over the world even by those who don’t chew on art, is the protagonist of this documentary. No Predicted End, who sees her in front of the camera together with Ulay, a contemporary artist who passed away in 2020, who started his career right together with Marina and has been her life partner for many years.

Marina Abramović: come see No Predicted End for free

The documentary film was shot over ten days in 2018, in the US home of Marina Abramović, directed by documentary filmmaker Kasper Bech Dyg. As a sort of joint will, the The film traces the production of the two artists and can now be seen for free on the Louisiana Channel’s Vimeo channel, simply by searching for the title of the documentary on the platform, without the need for registration or subscriptions. Alternatively, the video is also available on YouTube, always free of charge and always in the full version. An excellent way to get to the heart of Ulay’s artistic production who experienced a different media appeal, less strong than Marina Abramović, but who was with her the creator of the very first body art performances.

The year the documentary was filmed is exactly thirty years old after their latest historic artistic collaboration that saw them travel the Great Wall of China and then meet in one point and leave each other foreverfrom a romantic and sentimental point of view. So for all you art world lovers out there, we absolutely recommend you watch the entire No Predicted End documentary and let us know what you think!

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