Mario Golf Super Rush: added a new character and map

Great news for all Mario Golf: Super Rush owners who, from today, will be able to use with a new character and a map to make their gaming experience even more complete

The title Mario Golf: Super Rush in fact, he went to fish out two elements from the most recent Nintendo games, but not only! To reward the most patient players of one of the series that first appeared on Nintendo 64, including the legendary Super Smash Bros., a new mode and another little gem. But let’s see them together!

Mario Golf Super Rush: an expanding game

According to when announced onofficial Nintendo UK Twitter account, Mario Golf: Super Rush, will therefore be enriched with the new Ranked Match mode, of the controls for the movement improved, but above all with the very nice Toadette and the map of New Donk City.

Toadette, coming from Mario Kart: Double Dash !!, prepares to face the other opponents and the game green with the Super Pickaxe, this one taken from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the 3DS, but also has the ability to throw vegetables and plants at other players like in Super Mario Bros. 2. New Donk City, instead, it comes directly from the rightly acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey and is one of the cities where our friendly plumber will have to deal directly with human beings and his “old flame” Pauline who became mayor of the city. We will not then list the other, and obvious, references to dear old Donkey Kong.

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