Mario Golf Super Rush: Last big free update coming soon

Mushroom Kingdom Green Opens Gates Last Time: Here’s What’s On The Caddy Of The Latest Mario Golf Super Rush Update

With his latest big update free, Nintendo just included new content in Mario Golf Super Rush. The new characters are Torcibruco, a powerful golfer, and Shy Guy, more balanced. The two new courses are the Shelltop Sanctuary, made up of only short Par 3 holes, and the All-Star Summit, in which each hole illustrates a different character from Mario and his band. The new modes are Target Golf, in which the players must hit a circular target, e One-On, One-Putt. The latter already promises to be a difficult challenge for the best golfers.

Mario Golf Super Rush Update… and Patch Notes!

The One-On, One-Putt mode included in the latest update of Mario Golf Super Rush foresees that players, grappling with Par 3 holes, score the shot on the green on the first try and get a birdie per second. Counting the updates to versions 2.0.0 and 3.0.0, Nintendo has released a total of five characters and as many fields to the base game. There are also some patch notes, which we will paraphrase below. Torcibruco is a powerful character, whose long body allows him to send the ball far. Getting angry makes him faster and increases his range of blows.

Shy guy it is more balanced, and therefore is better suited to newbies. His ability allows him to gain more mobility thanks to the Timidoptera types that will keep him in the air. The field Shelltop Sanctuary requires all eighteen holes to be close to each other. Here the Smack Fishes are just a side element: the real challenge will be playing in difficult mode, changing the location of the green. All-Star Summit includes images of the cast at each hole, and visual variety is implemented in the possible strategies. Blocks are destructible, and reward those who break them with energy. The patch notes also include the modes we’ve already covered and various balance improvements. The update is available.

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