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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving on Tracks and Tracks (Part 20, Boomerang Trophy)

It’s called the Boomerang Trophy because two tracks from Tour go back: discover the tracks and tracks in this guide to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thus we conclude the antepenultimate DLC of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: with a guide at piste and you have traced of the Boomerang Trophy. We have a double of Mario Kart Tour city planning, as well as a circuit from DS and another from Double Dash!!, but first things first. The forerunner (unintended pun… perhaps) is Tour Bangkok a Throttle, followed by DS Circuito di Mario. Then comes the second “motocross mud arena” of the entire game, in this case GCN Stadium in Waluigi. To close the quartet, then, is Singapore a Tutto Gas. Half of the league is dominated by Southeast Asia, so let’s talk about it as best we can!

Bangkok Throttle Tour – Driving Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tracks and Courses (Boomerang Trophy)

Our fingers are already crying having to manage two tracks from the mobile title, but we can’t help it if two out of four circuits of the Boomerang Trophy bring as many sprawling cities (especially in the layout) in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The Thai capital, at the center of a piece by Giusy Ferreri, arrives in a “mustachioed” version. Let’s discover the wonders of Tour Bangkok a Manetta!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving on Tracks and Tracks (Part 20, Boomerang Trophy)

  • Layout: The first straight leads into a very wide and soft left hander where the boats ramp into an otherwise filled with very shallow water section. After the left turn that follows it is the turn of another change, this time to the right. After the straightaway, a left-hand bend awaits you, followed by a long right-hand turn between the market stalls (the roofs of which can be reached by a ramp before the section). Turn left and choose whether to go up the stairs (yes, stairs) and follow the next curves (right-left) from the railway or to do it under it (thus getting some object cubes). The right-hander concludes the first lap. In the second, a long right-hand bend awaits you, followed by a left-right zigzag before a straight stretch. Turning right you will reach a blue ramp: you will glide under the arch of the Giant Swing. Once you land, only three consecutive right turns separate you from the finish line. Turn left on the third lap, before the straight takes you to a right-hand bend. The avenue you crossed a couple of minutes ago awaits you again, and then you follow a corkscrew uphill to the left. Bounce off the rooftops of the Talat Rotfai market and take a right, where you again have the option of following the railway from above or going under the flyover. The final part is identical to the first lap.
  • Assessment: A catchy soundtrack fills this… tour through Thailand’s sometimes-discussed nerve center with panache. It’s still not one of the best urban circuits, but it’s certainly a step up from what we saw in Amsterdam. 8/10.

DS Mario Circuit – driving Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks (Boomerang Trophy)

In each episode of the series, the track dedicated to the iconic character of Nintendo itself tends to be even the most bland and forgettable. For some mysterious reason, however, the writer has a soft spot for the incarnation of the track that made its debut on the Nintendo DS. Will he have kept his polish? Discover with us how it has aged DS Mario Circuit.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving on Tracks and Tracks (Part 20, Boomerang Trophy)

  • Layout: Turn right immediately after the start and follow the straight along the moat of Peach’s Castle. Watch out for the Goombas and be prepared to take a right turn again after a short zigzag. Go through the straight and be prepared to dodge fireballs from Bonfire Piranha Plants in the left-hander and right-hand hairpin (both cuttable with a single Mushroom) that follows. The long straight road will lead you to what has become a pine forest. Two left-hand bends, separated by another shorter straight, will take you out of the forest with a ramp (which in the third lap is preceded by a giant Wiggler). Zigzag through the Piranha Plants (normal) again before a left hairpin, after which another right will take you to the finish.
  • Assessment: It was a great Mario Circuit and still is. Adding the Wiggler as an obstacle on lap three as a nod to Mario Kart DS’s lamented Mission Mode was a stroke of genius. 8/10.

GCN Waluigi Stadium – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tracks and Courses Guide (Boomerang Trophy)

Introduced in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! due to Wario’s upgrade from his usual stadiums to Wario’s big (and long, with only two laps to compensate) Coliseum, GCN Waluigi Circuit makes his second return here after being revised in Mario Kart Wii. The appearance in the Additional Paths Pass makes the Switch port the first installment in the series to feature both a Wario Stadium and a Waluigi Stadium. Expect a motocross mud arena here too!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving on Tracks and Tracks (Part 20, Boomerang Trophy)

  • Layout: The first straight immediately presents a ramp. If you do the right tricks you can dominate the track. The first bend is to the right, followed by another always to the right once you have passed the overpass. Next, you will find a ramp surrounded by revolving fireballs: be careful not to get burned, because it is only the first of many rings (which you should already know from Wario’s DS Stadio). The hairpin bend to the right precedes a maxi-ramp with two turbo platforms, followed by another loop. On landing, choose whether to drift left or Mushroom directly cut into the mud inside the curve. The next turn will be to the right again, before the longest and widest straight of the track: blue platforms for tricks on both sides (as seen in Wii Pista Snowboard DK), giant diagonal tubes with attached giant animatronic Piranha Plants and bars rotating fireballs. By performing a trick you will be able to approach the next left-hand bend from a higher (and less exposed to danger) point. The straight ahead presents many bumps with just as many possibilities to perform tricks. If you take the right-hand bend staying left you will benefit from a turbo platform, with which you can access a second banked section. The latter ends with a blue ramp: using it, you can fly over the final maxi-ramp and fly straight to the finish line.
  • Assessment: A lot of water (or should we talk about mud?) has passed under the bridge since the debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and compared to the very small stunts featured in that game. The return in 8 Deluxe takes the track to its fullest potential. 9/10.

Full throttle Singapore tour

We wrap up on a high with the glittering city-state in Southeast Asia. The track to say goodbye to for a few months (until the next update) is Full throttle Singapore tour, and while we’re wondering about Mario Kart Tour’s bizarre naming of real-world cities there’s a lot to say. What are we waiting for?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving on Tracks and Tracks (Part 20, Boomerang Trophy)

  • Layout: “Every lap changes lap.” After the first right-hand bend, a longer left awaits you, before a blue ramp whisks you towards the Marina Bay Sands resort. Follow the pool curving to the left until the glide. Pass the sports field and turn left again for the straight road that will take you to the first finish line. It didn’t take long! On the second lap, keep going straight until the curve to the left, then take four right turns. At this point the road will curve left again and then veer to the right. After a right-left zigzag, the blue ramp will fly you towards a turbo ramp to start the third lap. The left-hand bend has two lanes: one slow and one fast, similar to Mario Kart 8’s Rainbow Track. A straightaway will take you to the second such bend, this time to the right. Trick your way down and up the short stairway to a long left hand bend, after which a blue ramp will lift you into the air. If you have Mushrooms you can extend the flight until you reach the rings in the air. Turn right, take the turbo ramp and then turn left again. After a long corkscrew hairpin bend down to the right, you will go through the same merchant area backwards (curve to the right). Turn left one last time to reach your destination.
  • Assessment: Compared to Amsterdam and Bangkok, the trip to Singapore is the richest in detail. Bangkok continues to be better in other respects, but this track surprised us positively for the attention to detail and for the simple and relaxed layout of the first two laps. 8/10.

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