The Finals preview: There’s a new FPS in town

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In this preview we will tell you about The Finals, the new team-based FPS in development by Embark Studios

The Finals is a new one team-based first person shooter under development by the Swedish software house Embark Studios. The full game is not currently available yet, but we recently had access to the exclusive closed beta. If you are curious to find out what we think of this new one FPSin this preview you will find our first impressions of The Finals.

On the hunt for money – Preview The Finals

The Finals is characterized by some very quick games lasting ten minutes in which four teams of three players they battle to achieve victory. Apparently this structure may seem very similar to that of many other FPS, but in reality it has a big peculiarity. In fact, to win in this title you will not simply have to eliminate the opposing players, but you must have more money than them at the end of the game.

Killing other players allows you to earn some change, but to accumulate large sums of money you will have to rob a Vault. Vaults are specific points on the map which, once reached, you will have to defend for some time waiting for them to generate a chest full of money. Unfortunately, however, you will not be able to open this chest yourself and to get the money inside you will have to first transport it to Cash Out points. Once the box has been inserted into this subspecies of ATM you will have to wait a while before getting your hands on the loot and in the meantime you will also have to work hard to repel the attacks of the other players eager to appropriate your loot.

This game structure is really interesting and gives players the choice between different approaches. For example, you can aim to get your hands on a chest immediately and fortify the Cash Out point to keep your money close, or perhaps you can attack an enemy team at the last second to steal all their earnings. Choosing how to act is up to you and your team, but before doing anything, we suggest you think carefully. In case you are defeated, in fact, not only will you have to wait a long time to respawn (if an ally doesn’t revive you first), but you will also cause your team to lose quite a bit of money.

The Finals preview: There's a new FPS in town

Choose your style – Preview The Finals

In The Finals you will have the opportunity to create a character and customize it both in appearance and equipment. First you will have to choose your build which, in addition to the constitution, will also influence yours total life points, usable skills and weapons. These “classi” are three and are divided into light, medium and heavy. The light class is fragile, but compensates with high agility and perfect abilities to infiltrate behind enemy lines. Medium characters are somewhat of a wild card and can be used as support characters, healers, or frontline soldiers. Finally, characters with a heavy constitution are the equivalent of a tank and are perfect both for fortifying an area and for destroying enemy defenses.

Depending on the selected build you will have access to specific weapons and skills that you can equip according to your tastes, and you can also create up to six custom sets to be alternated according to the situation. For example, you can create a couple of characters for each of the three classes or different versions of the same to switch according to the situation. In fact, before the start of each match you will have a few seconds available for select the PG to useso you can decide what to use based on the map and the choices of your teammates.

The ability to easily switch between completely different characters is very welcome indeed, as it allows players to completely change your style of play between games. Also, if you’re playing with a group of friends, you can coordinate for create well-balanced teams that adapt to the most diverse situations.

The Finals preview: There's a new FPS in town

Virtual Destruction – The Finals preview

Being a closed beta, the version of The Finals that we tested it did not boast a large number of playable maps, but those present still managed to satisfy us. In fact, the arenas of the game really seemed to us complex, varied and interactive. In addition, the developers have managed to make the few available settings seem even more varied thanks to a system of changeable weather conditions. In fact, although there are only two maps, each of them has different variations that distinguish themselves both for the time and for the weather.

The two maps we tested have some open spaces, but mainly in The Finals the bulk of the fighting takes place inside buildings or other enclosed areas. Due to the abundance of closed spaces and the need to defend specific points, you will often find yourself fighting against well-prepared teams when you arrive, but fortunately you will have so many ways to take them by surprise.

One of the biggest peculiarities of The Finals is in fact the almost complete destructibility of maps. Using explosives and specific skills you can easily destroy walls, knock down fortifications and even bring down entire buildings. In this way you will always have the possibility to find an effective point of attack even against teams specialized in defending objectives.

The Finals preview: There's a new FPS in town


Now it’s time for our preview where we sum up The Finals closed beta. The new FPS from Embark Studios manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to the original game modes and to one destructibility of environments which is rarely seen in titles of this genre. Additionally the game also boasts a gunplay which, despite being a bit imprecise, turns out to be a lot funand thanks to the many customization options, it offers all players the possibility of creating characters that adapt perfectly to their way of playing.

The Finals, however, left us a little doubtful about some aspects, such as those related to battle pass progression and to longevity of the title, but to get a clearer idea of ​​these elements it is necessary to wait for the release of the full game. In any case for the moment this title it made a good impression on us and we think Embark Studios has a very solid foundation on its hands which, if handled well, could lead to The Finals being a shooter we’ll be hearing about for a long time.

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