Mario Party Superstars: how to level up fast

The RPG twist seen in Mario Party Superstars brings with it the need to level up: we explain the how and why

We know what you are wondering: “what the hell do they have in common Mario Party Superstars and the fact of to level up? ”, And the answer will surprise you. The reason we praised it in our review (with an eight and a half and without too much fussiness) is its ability to offer so much immediately without lacking content to unlock. There is something to roll up your sleeves to get the coins needed to unlock the unlockable, but each player’s profiles boast just as many scales to reach the highest levels. Of course, there is no shortage of rewards at the top, and you already know what that means: guide!

“How much, sorry?”

Climbing Mario Party Superstars will take you up to the level 50. This is not really a prohibitive process, but as we have already said, a reward awaits you. What we can advise you, and the same goes for our guide to coins, is always involve other profiles on your console as well, if you have any. Not so much to play in company, but to give the other players a necessary nudge too. Since the rewards for each participant are lower, this does not allow to carry out the process “once”, but at least reduces the time it takes for everyone.

Mario Party Superstars: how to level up fast

Two years on a moped – how to level up in Mario Party Superstars

If you are a completist and want to level up to the maximum level even in a title like Mario Party Superstars, there is a very focused way to do it. This will inevitably bring you back to our favorite mountain, the Mount Minigames. As with coins, also in this case you will have to limit yourself to the couple challenges and, by extension, to the goal set on the three stars. Of course, playing only the minority of two-on-two games could be tiring. But if it makes you feel better, using this offline method will grant you 530 experience points.

Mario Party Superstars: how to level up fast

Or common sense may be enough – like leveling up in Mario Party Superstars

Alternatively, if limiting yourself to the same mini-games over and over again proves exhausting, you can always play this title as it was designed. Whether you play them alone, in company or through the simply excelled online, in general i scoreboards they can hide a big boost to your experience points. Of course, as long as you complete them. At the beginning of the game it is not uncommon to see multiple level increases, and of course there is a direct proportionality relationship with the number of turns. More turns, more minigames and, in spite of what we said in the guide to coins, even more grain. But above all, more experience.

Mario Party Superstars: how to level up fast

Yes, okay, but my reward?

Right, we forgot that going up to level 50 grants you rewards. In reality, though, you might have even before. Every five levels you will have new junk (in an affectionate sense, of course) to buy at Toad’s shop. Often and willingly it is about aesthetic elements and music. But what about the summit? In reality, it is there that one of the great absentees hides that we omitted even in the review phase: none other than i credits! If they’re the ones you’ve been looking for all this time, get ready to slog. Or to play like crazy, which in the end is the same in this context.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did you need the guide? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.