Mario Striker Battle League: characters revealed

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The release of the new Mario Strikers: Battle League is almost upon us so it’s time to see who will be the usable characters in this new sports adventure

Therefore, the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom are back on the playing field in the more than imminent Mario Strikers: Battle League, a series that started with the GameCube and then arrived on Wii, but of which it seemed that they had now lost track. Well, it’s back instead, so put on your cleats and get ready to take the field!

Mario Strikers Battle League: Let’s take a look at the (few) player characters

Recently, through his official Twitter that we leave you below, Nintendo has revealed what the characters usable by players in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Before proceeding further we remind you that the title will be available on Nintendo Switch starting with the next one June 10 so we have to wait another month.

Nintendo has therefore revealed that players will be able to choose between ten different protagonists such as Mario (more than self-evident), Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalinda, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario and Waluigi. A fairly small roster, which counts Daisy among the absentso we trust in any Future DLC.

In any case it should be remembered that even two other recent sports titles signed by our trusted plumber, such as Tennis Aces and Super Rush, received some similar criticisms regarding the few contents at the time of launchbut in the end they still more than managed to entertain fans of the Big N. Could more have been done? Obviously yesbut hopefully Nintendo will fix the situation as soon as possible.

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