Marketing Automation for Ecommerce: what it is and what are all the advantages

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can provide online businesses with a variety of methods to optimize site operations and improve the experience visitors and buyers have with them. One such tool is marketing automation

This term can refer to any software that can be configured to perform marketing-related tasks on a regular basis so that employees don’t have to do it manually. Apart from the fact that you manage a small or large business, you could benefit from a series of advantages of this technology, and in this regard you can consult, for example, the marketing automation service of the agency.

Here are some reasons why marketing automation makes sense for your ecommerce business.

Marketing automation reduces manpower

Automation marketing tools greatly simplify work and reduce the amount of manpower required to complete a task. Actions that used to take hours or even days of manual labor can now be done in minutes, if not instantaneously. They aim to handle the more repetitive processes of running an e-commerce business.

Here are some examples of jobs that marketing automation software can do, but not limited to:

  • Sending targeted marketing emails;
  • Customer care;
  • Tracking on the site;
  • Coordination of multi-channel marketing campaigns;
  • Site performance analysis and purchase data;
  • Statistical reports on social media.
  • In the past, employees had to do some of these tasks manually every time, in addition to all other tasks, and many other tasks were inactive or non-existent. Today, we can carry out all these activities systematically and automatically.

    More time savings

    In addition to draining a company’s workforce, the mechanical tasks described above can also waste valuable time in a working day. By giving software the most tedious tasks instead of humans, marketing automation software enables employees to optimize time and relieves them of tasks that could take up a significant portion of their working time.

    They can therefore focus not on basic operations, but on more complex tasks such as strategy and customer relationships, without wasting precious time unnecessarily. We believe that when it comes to productivity, every little detail of the working day matters.

    Valuable access to business intelligence

    As you know, the business landscape is constantly changing, at times, without warning. It is important to access the right data at the right time so that you can make informed decisions.

    Automation tools, such as data integration, are particularly important here. If your trading platform is integrated with your ERP system, the details of any orders placed can be transferred to your back office. This means a faster order fulfillment cycle.

    Likewise, all the information collected and stored in your ERP system can be sent to the sales department. For example, inventory and warehouse levels can ensure that all inventory-related information on your e-commerce website is accurate.

    Improve marketing campaigns and conversion rates

    Access to real-time data is critical if your business will be operational 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Marketing automation software can help your marketing team continually improve their campaigns. Data collected from various parts of a marketing campaign (e.g., email performance, CTA click-through rates, and social media engagement) can be used to optimize follow-up campaigns.

    Better yet, this data doesn’t have to be collected manually and is fully customizable.

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