Marvel: a new title based on historical brands is coming

A short distance from the announcement of a game on Wolverine, here are further rumors about a new Marvel title. Let’s go see the details

Following the recent rumors regarding the involvement of Amy Hennig in the development of a new Marvel title, here are other clues that go to consolidate the perspective of a videogame macro universe of the House of Ideas. In particular, according to what was hinted at by Kevin Smith, the podcast chat Fatman Beyond he would even have guessed the exact title. Let us therefore assume that we are dealing with mere speculations given the preliminary stages of development and which we will have to wait further details for official confirmation.

Revealed the name of the expected new Marvel title?

As anticipated, Skydance New Media has recently announced that Amy Hennig, author of the famous Uncharted, would be working on a new AAA property-based action adventure title Marvel. From there a lot of speculation and the interest of the public he immediately woke up. Recently, in an interview in the podcast led by Kevin Smith, the co-host Marc Bernardin (writer of several comics Marvel e DC) confirmed to be on board the project alongside Hennig in the role of Writer.

Marvel: a new title based on historical brands is coming

The thing unexpected however, it was Kevin Smith’s assent to the suggestions of the chat about the name of the possible title. From what can be deduced from the answers, the future game which will expand the macro universe dedicated to home gaming Marvel it could be based on the brand of Ant-Man or Fantastic Four. Recall that it is about speculations. Despite this, the brands mentioned above would still be excellent candidates for a game story-driven action-adventure. Recently, the actress too Janina Gavankar confirmed its presence in the game.

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