Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: New Game Plus postponed to 2024

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New game with an edge moves to real-life New Game Plus: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update arrives in 2024

It’s no mystery that Insomniac Games is more often a harbinger of good news than the historic neighbor Naughty Dog, and this is also the case for the long-awaited New Game Plus scheduled for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2That gets away with a postponement to 2024. After all, when it comes to high standards, the development team never lets the fans it has earned over the years lack anything. Precisely for this reason, in the tweet below the “insomniac” gang declared: “We know that fans are waiting for features such as NG+ and audio descriptions, among other things. We have also been vigilant in this regard, which is why we believe the features require more testing to meet our quality standards.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 2024: A New Game Plus for 2023, in every sense

The New Game Plus release window for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now early 2024, with the possible complicity of feature not yet announced. Player feedback will influence the next update, including control over in-game time, colors and the replayability of individual missions. An improvement, this, to be accompanied with the adjective “further”, given that we too were particularly enthusiastic about it in our review. And speaking of enthusiasm, let’s not forget that players welcomed the title with a real plebiscite, given the astronomical sales recorded by Insomniac Games’ latest addition. We can talk about everything, therefore, except “Parker luck”, for sure!

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: are you willing to wait a little longer? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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