Masks always, outdoors and indoors: the reasons

Masks always, outdoors and indoors: the reasons

Following the increases in Covid 19 infections, starting from Thursday 8 October it will be mandatory to always have a protective mask with you

Following the constant increase in the last month of cases of contagion from Coronavirus Covid 19, starting Thursday 8 October it will be mandatory to always have the protective mask with you to use it if there was a need: it had never been imposed (except in some region) as an instrument to always carry back.

Masks always, outdoors and indoors

This novelty is due to the fact that, at the beginning of October, the infections started to grow again exponentially and returned to the levels reached during the lockdown period (over 4000 new infected people per day): this situation has meant that the government has issued a decree relating to this new obligation that will not only impose the mask outdoors but also in offices, bars, restaurants and many other places.

Following this novelty, many companies, in addition to those that had already started to diversify their production and meet this new need, are preparing to produce masks as the demand will become increasingly growing.

What are the reasons why this new obligation had to be imposed?

It must be said first of all that the situation in Italy is not yet as alarming as in other countries (see France and Spain to stay in Europe or India, Brazil, Argentina and the US in the rest of the world) but, given that the numbers are starting to rise in a worrying way, the government has thought it necessary to intervene.

This situation has certainly come about due to a rather “libertine” summer on the part of many people who, either in Italy or abroad for holidays, did not apply the necessary precautions when they were in certain environments: one of the the most striking examples are certainly the discos where during the summer we saw scenes of people crowded and too close without a mask as they were seen before the arrival of the covid 19 virus. And in fact, shortly after they had been reopened, the discos were then closed until a later date.

In addition to the discos, many people, including especially very young people, they completely ignored the provisions they had to comply with when they found themselves in bars and public places during the so-called “nightlife” causing the virus to start to circulate massively again.

Clearly it is not only the fault of those who frequent discos, bars or meeting places but also of the fact that many people have begun to let their guard down and create gatherings and attend other people without taking the necessary precautions.

Another reason is certainly also linked to seasonality as, with the lowering of temperatures, it was already estimated that the virus would begin to circulate more strongly and that the infections would increase: the only positive factor, for the moment, is that the virus appears to be less aggressive in viral load than last spring.

Of course we will see the effects of this new measure in a few months which will trigger a lot of controversy especially for how it will be managed by those who will be dedicated to carrying out these checks as there will be many difficult situations to manage such as breakage of the mask, loss of the same, situations in which it is difficult to use it, etc.

The advice is to always keep the mask with you to avoid incurring penalties that could become very heavy as we are talking about amounts ranging from € 400 to up to € 1,000.