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Masks in the cinema even after 1 May 2022

As for indoor masks, we know that the obligation to wear them falls from 1 May 2022, but not at the cinema

What happens from Sunday 1st May 2022 regarding green passes and indoor masks? If we take the Covid decree of March 24, we know that the obligation of green certification and the use of airway protection is still valid until April 30 both on public transport and in closed spaces.

After that (therefore from 1 May) while continuing to exist, the Green Pass (both basic and reinforced) will no longer be required to go to the cinema, the theater, the stadium, to participate in outdoor concerts, nor to attend gyms and indoor swimming pools, parties and ceremonies, enter discos and game rooms or to participate in conferences and congresses.

It will no longer even serve to access the workplace, participate in public competitions, access canteens or consume indoors in bars and restaurants.
Instead, it will continue to be mandatory for visits to hospitals and RSAs (where it will be necessary to show the Super pass until 31 December 2022).

Freedom is close, then, but not quite complete yet. We will have to bear the use of the mask in some circumstances yet. The use of the FFP2, in fact, will remain mandatory on public transport such as buses, metro, trains and airplanes. In the workplace, on the other hand, a change with the surgical mask could be made, at least until the end of June. As far as schools are concerned, there is some pressure to drop the requirement, but the recommendation to use protection holds true in every sector.

Indoor masks: and at the cinema?

After April 30, 2022, cinemas and theaters, although the possibility of consuming food and drinks is in force, are still places where the use of the mask remains mandatory. The question we ask ourselves, however, is this: is it really necessary? We know very well the conditions in which the entertainment sector is concerned: the Covid emergency has seriously damaged cultural shows, not to mention the lack of production of new films or the job instability of an already precarious sector in some ways. The pandemic has led us all to rely more and more on streaming services, further diluting the magic and importance of the room.

Our wish is that rules are made with common sense and related to the real situation of cultural spaces. For the rest, we believe that we have all reached a certain awareness and have understood the limit that exists between the different situations, just as we believe the uselessness of getting up and lowering the mask to the rhythm of full and empty mouthfuls is obvious.

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