Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has entered the gold phase!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has entered the gold phase!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has finally entered the gold phase! This was announced by the director of the entire project himself via his official Twitter profile

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is one of the most anticipated projects of this first half of 2021 and, finally, it has entered the gold phase. This is a republication of the original trilogy of the saga. A saga that has gone down in history and that has made millions of gamers fall in love and thrill who, to date, thrill to be able to get their hands on those titles and get carried away once again by Captain Shepard and all the other iconic characters.

We are in the gold phase for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition… close by!

Also for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition the gold phase has arrived, as recently happened also for Returnal. The gold phase is basically the last phase of the production of a video game. This is the phase in which the very last details are filed, trying to solve those that are the last problems related to the development itself. Can we say that the game in the gold phase is complete? Nì, it can be said that the game has come to one status so it can be defined as practically finished but a final finishing must still be carried out. Here is the tweet with which Mac Walters announced it all:

As we know, however, although the gold phases are often announced for the various upcoming titles, the practice of patch al day one it has become very (perhaps too) common. The classic day one patch further refines (or in some cases copiously modifies) some aspects, marginal and not, of the video game itself. This is, therefore, important news for all those who are in hype for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition but, as they say, with some due and obligatory reservations. The title will be released on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, PC. Console owners next gen they will still be able to play it by taking advantage of some hardware advantages but, for an optimized version, we will have to wait.

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