Mass Effect: Legendary Edition spunta su Xbox Game Pass?

Some clues appeared on the net suggest the arrival within the Xbox Game Pass of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Thanks to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, BioWare has managed to bring to modern hardware, during this 2021 now closing, the much appreciated sci-fi RPG series, all with improved graphics and gameplay. And the success, once again, in addition to criticism proved to be really solid also in terms of sales, given the excellent commercial performance of the collection. According to some clues, however, it seems that the catchment area of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is destined to expand, given that the arrival of the three games seems imminent within Xbox Game Pass.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition arriva su Xbox Game Pass?

To give rise to speculation, the Polish site XGP, which he known as the Triptych of BioWare remasters appeared, following an update, within the list of titles present in the service by Microsoft subscription. To cast some doubts on the possibility, however, contributes to the fact that this mention has already been removed, therefore certainties cannot yet be considered as such in the absence of an official communication from Microsoft itself.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition spunta su Xbox Game Pass?

To leave some glimmer around the possible landing of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition within the Microsoft subscription, we have the presence of EA Play in the service of the Redmond giant, an element that provides a further possibility of inclusion: it is known, in fact, that EA tends to make most of its games (if not all) available in the library of its service. A striking example comes from It Takes Two, recently available to all subscribers.

We remind you that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is currently for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, with BioWare also engaged in the creation of the next chapter of the series which, according to the latest information, should lead the brand to embrace l’Unreal Engine 5. We at, of course, will not fail to keep you informed about it.

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