Masters of the Universe: Amazon e MGM in trattativa sul film live action su He-Man

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According to the latest rumors; Amazon and MGM are in talks on the live action, Masters of the Universe on He-Man. Let’s find out all the details

After the abandonment of Netflix to the project, the reboot of Masters of the Universe doesn’t seem entirely lost. From the latest rumors leaked on the web, in fact, the live action He-Man has been the subject of strong interest from Amazon and MGM.

What acts as a hinge between the Netflix version and the Amazon MGM version are their names directors leading the projectthat is to say, Adam e Aaron No already previously recruited. Known for The Lost City, Adam and Aaron Nee would aim for a significant debut on the big screen international. Here are Aaron Nee’s statements:

It is so important for us not to waste this material. This is a huge movie, but it’s our baby. It feels like we have the kind of closeness and affection that we would have for an independent project. It’s so important for us to be able to capture audiences in Eternia in a way where it feels like a rich, well-developed real place, like you’re going into an existing world and experiencing a real culture

Masters of the Universe: Amazon e MGM in trattativa sul film live action su He-Man

Masters of the Universe: il nuovo live action su He-Man di Amazon e MGM

Born from a series of Mattel action figures; the rights for the live action project Of Masters of the Universe I’m currently from property from the DreamWorks Animation (subsidiary of NBCUniversal). According to a current agreement, the DreamWorks Animation allowed Mattel to purchase movie adaptations in 2026. That would mean Matte and Amazon MGM would have to commit to making a movie by then.

However, the proposed rights issue could lead to possible complications and delays on any sequels or spin-offs in the event of a positive response to the first He-Man film. For that reason, NBCU and Mattel are in talks about an extension of the deal to see how this film performs.

Over the years there have been various names and faces linked to the role of He-Man, ranging from Kellan Lutz to Noah Centineo. More recently the actor Kyle Allen known for Murder in Venice, was chosen for the role in the guise of hero.

We just have to wait for further updates on the release of Masters of the Universe. In the meantime, continue to follow us on so as not to miss any news in the world of cinema and TV series!

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