Matter comes to Google Nest and Android products

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Google announced that it standard Matter has come on his devices for the smart home.

Matter arrives on Google devices, for a smart and personalized home

Matter was recently developed by Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a group of companies in the sector who have joined forces to create a standard forinteroperability of devices designed for the smart home. In particular, among the noble names of the CSA, we find Samsung, Apple, Amazon it’s the same Google.

The goal that led to the birth of Matter (and its being a standard coveted by many tech companies) was to give consumers smart devices capable of working together, even if of different brands.

In this way, the smart home becomes even smarter and users happy to be able to count on the most diverse devices.

Google has decided to introduce it on Nest, Android and Home devices

Talking about Google Nest, devices in this category that have achieved the Matter standard may already be in your possession. We are talking about:

  • First generation Google Home speaker;
  • Google Home Mini;
  • Nest Mini;
  • Nest Audio;
  • 1st and 2nd generation Nest Hubs;
  • Nest Hub Max;
  • Nest Wifi Pro.

Per Android the upgrade to the standard Matter is for Fast Pairto make it quick and easy to pair Matter-enabled devices to your home network, Google Home and other smart home apps. In addition, the multinational has also thought about the way in which users can connect devices with the Matter standard to the home network, i.e. via Wi-Fi o tramite Thread.

For the uninitiated, Thread is a wireless protocol based on a technology particularly used for the smart home sector, i.e. on a network standard that is very useful when a low-power connection is required.

Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub 2nd generation have been updated to work with Thread technology.

Finally, Google has announced that in 2023 there will be some interesting news on the Google Home appsuch as the possibility of add smart devices from other brands such as Samsung and Apple.

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