Intel annuncia Skills for Innovation all’Intel Experience Day

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On the occasion ofIntel Experience Day 2022Intel has made several announcements including the launch of the program in Italy Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI). It also announces the publication of a research with Penn Medicine per il federated learning.

Intel Skills for Innovation and other news announced by Experience Day

The Skills for Innovation pilot project sees Intel enter five Italian schools of different types and levels. The company has supported schools in creating a laboratory equipped with teaching technologies, involving teachers in a workshops to provide digital experiences to children.

Attended the IEnrico Tosi Technical Economic Institute of Busto Arsizio (VA), Foligno 2 Comprehensive Institute of Foligno (PG), Taramelli Foscolo High School of Pavia, ITI G. Marconi of Dalmine (BG), Marconi High School of Parma.

The program aims to provide technologies and education to inspire students and teachers to integrate technology into their lives. All laboratories are equipped with PCs with processors Intel Core i7 of the latest generation, as well as two viewers for virtual reality. You can find more information here.

In addition, Intel announces joint research with Penn Medicine (the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine), using federated learning. It is an artificial intelligence approach with distributed machine learning, which allows healthcare organizations to identify malignant brain tumors.

Until now, sharing this data without compromising patient privacy has been impossible. But thanks to federated learning technology together with Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), it has overcome these barriers and brings cancer organizations together. You can also find the results in the journal Nature.

These are just two of the innovations announced by Intel at Experience Day, which retraced the brand’s 2022 stages but also started the journey for 2023.

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