Max Gazzè will pay tribute to Pink Floyd with a concert in the Pompeii Amphitheater

Max Gazzè renderà omaggio ai Pink Floyd con un concerto-evento nell’Anfiteatro di Pompei thumbnail

It has been exactly 51 years since i Pink Floyddirected by Adrian Mabenthey turned the famous Live at Pompeii, in the amphitheater of the Archaeological Excavations of Pompeii. Today, five years after the return of David Gilmour in that historic location, TIM announces today a concert-event in tribute to that historic performance by the British band, in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

The protagonist of the event will be Max Gazzè, who with his band of musicians will pay homage to the music of Pink Floyd in that same suggestive location. “The show will live on suggestive interactions between the musical performance, the scenography and the magical atmosphere of the place. All thanks to millimeter wave 5G technology ”reads TIM’s official press release.

Max Gazzè live at Pompei to pay homage to Pink Floyd

The appointment is for Friday 21 October at 8.30 pm, in the Amphitheater of the excavations of Pompeii. The initiative was illustrated today during a press conference at the Auditorium of the excavations of Pompeii in the presence of Gabriel breeding barDirector of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, di Claudio PellegriniHead of Sales Local Government, Health & Education of TIM and of Max Gazzè.

To participate in the event in person, it is necessary to book on (starting October 18), while for live streaming it will be enough to connect to ITsART, the streaming platform dedicated to Italian art and culture promoted by the Ministry of Culture, available on Smart TV, PC, Smartphone and Tablet.


TIM’s advanced technology will create an evocative mix of lights and projections, merging past and future and creating a combination of real and virtual. The concert-event will be a real reconstruction of a dream journey on the notes of the 14 songs reinterpreted by the musicians of the band led by Max Gazzè. Not only that though: the event will feature 14 virtual spaces in augmented realitybased on symbols and architecture among the most iconic of Pompeii.

Spectators present will be able to listen to the music enriched with 3D digital content in augmented reality simply by framing the stage with their smartphone. Even those who watch the concert from home will attend a special show: during the viewing, in fact, a camera equipped with specific sensors for augmented reality will make it possible to create a correlation between digital content and real elements.