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May December: a Cannes il film con Natalie Portman e Julianne Moore

Let’s find out more about one of the films in competition at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival: May December, by Todd Haynes

Now in full swing of the event, the Cannes Film Festival continues to welcome guests and new films. Among them, he made his debut May Decemberthe new work of Todd Hayneswhich has two very successful actresses as protagonists: Natalie Portman e Julianne Moore. The director, who can already boast a victory in the 1998 edition with Velvet Goldmine, returned to the event with a film born only after 23 days of shooting and inspired by great successful films, such as Persona (1966), Sunday, damn Sunday (1971), Sunset Boulevard (1950) and The Graduate (1967). Let’s find out the plot, cast and some curiosities about this new film not to be missed.

May December: a Cannes il film con Natalie Portman e Julianne Moore

The director’s words | May December: the film with Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore at Cannes

Before landing in Cannes, Todd Haynes stopped to talk about his new work, to the microphones of The Hollywood Reporter, explaining how the new project was born. It would seem that it was Natalie Portman herself and her team of producers who presented the project to him during the pandemic period. The proposal appeared to Haynes “written with a compelling restraint, wit and perspicacity, both in terms of the place, and the people, keeping me in a state of constant anticipation and moral uncertainty in ways that I found exciting“. The director then focused on the importance that Cannes has for him:

I love the Venice Film Festival and have had great premieres and history in Venice, but Cannes is Cannes. I’ll be in France with my retrospective, which is a complete retrospective of my career, everything I’ve done will be shown. Then you get to show May December, and this would only be possible if you opt for Cannes.

plot and cast

The film tells the story of an actress, Elizabeth Berry, who went to Georgia in order to find information on Gracie Atherton-Yoo, a woman married to a man much younger than her and for this reason, always in the spotlight of the press. The love story of the two has become the subject of a film in which Elizabeth will be the protagonist. During the search for the actress, however, Gracie will begin to show signs of slowing down.

The cast includes highly successful actors, starting with the two protagonists, Natalie Portman e Julianne Moore, who has worked with Haynes before, on films like I’m Not Here, Safe and Far from Heaven. By their side Cory Michael Smith, Charles Melton, Piper Curda, Drew Scheid, D.W. Moffett ed Elizabeth Yu. Without to forget Kelvin Han Yee, Charles Green, Jocelyn Shelfo, Allie McCulloch, His Obama, Hailey Wist, Lawrence Arancio, Gabriel Chung. May December was based on a story by Burch e Alex Mechanik and on a screenplay by Samy Burch. Marcelo Zarvos instead he handled the soundtrack.

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