May December, Julianne Moore doesn’t know everyone

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Even Julianne Moore doesn’t know the whole truth about Gracie, the character she plays in May December

Even Julianne Moore, Oscar-winning actress, ignores the truth about the character she plays in May December, a film premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and then released in the USA on Netflix in December. The film tells a story of which not even its protagonist knows all the background. Julianne Moore interpreta Gracie Atherton-Yoo, a woman who created a sensation in her community in the 1990s due to a love story that many considered “scandalous”. Gracie fell in love with a boy, thirteen years old at the time: his name is Joe Yoo. Despite the criticism, Gracie and Joe tried to protect their love. Over time they built their family, becoming parents of three children. AND that delicate balance is put to the test again by the arrival of a Hollywood star. In May December it is the arrival of Elizabeth Berry, an actress played by Natalie Portman, that threatens their marriage.

May December, Julianne Moore doesn't know everyone

May December, Julianne Moore admits she doesn’t know the whole truth about Gracie

Elizabeth Berry he knocks on Gracie’s door informing her that she will soon play a character inspired by her story in the cinema. Yet even Julianne Moore admitted that she doesn’t know the truth about the character she plays. Elizabeth discovers from Gracie’s first child from a previous marriage that her mother was abused by her brothers as a child. After that discovery, she becomes convinced that many of Gracie’s choices are derived from what happened in the past, but some time later it will be Gracie herself who disproves her son. At that point she wonders who lied: Gracie or George? On this Julianne Moore revealed:

I don’t even know if Gracie is aware. This is the insidious thing about our past and our traumas. This is a personal opinion, but I don’t think behavior arises out of nowhere. There is a cause and an effect in everything. But with someone’s story, people aren’t aware or even aware of what happened.

In short, the actress doesn’t feel she can judge the truth. Have you seen her film? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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