Mazda CX-60, the most powerful SUV of the Japanese brand debuts

Mazda CX-60, debutta il SUV più potente del marchio giapponese thumbnail

Mazda has expanded its car range in recent years with the launch of the CX-30 and MX-30 models, but there is now room for more models, such as the new CX-60 PHEV SUV unveiled these days. But that’s not all: a CX-80 will follow within a year and a half. The “80 ′ is the big brother of the” 60 “and offers three rows of seats inside, of course, a larger body.

The CX-60 is the first Mazda vehicle to feature a completely new architecture. The modular platform ensures that the manufacturer can release several models of different sizes. In the case of the CX-60, a size of 4.75 meters by 1.89 meters by 1.68 meters was chosen. The “80s” will hardly differ in width and height, but obviously they will be longer. The manufacturer opts for a longitudinally positioned power source with an optional battery pack and rear-wheel drive in the center of the bottom plate.

Modular engines have four or six cylinders, with the largest number of cylinders available for petrol and diesel versions. The four-cylinder is a plug-in hybrid powertrain, consisting of a 100 kW 2.5-liter four-cylinder electric motor and a large 17.8 kWh battery pack. The system power of version 2.5 is 327 hp. This it will also be the first model to be offered in Italian dealerships, around September. The power of the 3.0 six-cylinder petrol in-line 3.3 diesel has not yet been released. The automaker indicates that there will be several configurations for these two powertrains to be launched by the end of 2023. The six-cylinder models will be available with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The plug-in version is always four-wheel drive.

Mazda CX-60, four versions on the way

In all cases, Mazda combines an eight-speed automatic transmission with direct injection generators. The plug-in hybrid is able to complete the sprint from 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h with electronic control. Mazda indicates 1.5 l / 100 km. The CX-60 Plug-In Hybrid SUV can also tow a 2,500kg trailer.

mazda cx 60 suv

As the name of the newcomer suggests, Mazda positions the CX-60 above the more compact CX-5. The trunk measures 570 liters in the standard seating arrangement, but with the second row of seats folded down, 1,726 liters are available. The Japanese carmaker opts for four trim levels, namely Prime-line, Exclusive-line, Takumi and Homura. Standard features include, among others, 18-inch alloy wheels, Turn Across Traffic Assist; pedestrian detection, Lane Keeping Assist, exit warning, two-zone air conditioning, 12.3-inch TFT color touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless, navigation system and cruise control.

mazda cx 60 SUV

Exclusive-Line puts on the plate more than the Prime-Line the heating of the steering wheel, keyless locking and front sensors. Homura will offer elegant exterior and interior accessories in a richer style. For example, you get black leather seats, LED lighting inside and even lighting for the footwell. The functional equipment also includes a driver personalization system or, for example, a 360-degree parking camera with the option of a top view. The highlight is the version Takumi with seats in white Nappa leather, luxury interior materials and chrome decorations.

As for the prices, for the model 2.5 e-Skyactive PHEV from 327 hp, which as mentioned will be the first to arrive in Italy, we start from 49.950 euro for the Prime Line version, while you go up to 51.950 euro for the Exclusive Line. The Homura version will cost 54.350 eurowhile the top of the range Takumi provides for an outlay of 55.850 euro.