MC numbers: everything you need to know

MC numbers: everything you need to know

What exactly is an MC number? We will try to explain it in this article!

Abbreviated as MC number, a motor carrier number is a form of authorization and a unique identification. This number is assigned by the FMCSA to various trucking companies or moving companies. The MC number represents the same authentication for interstate movement in all authorized states. However, it is also true that not all trucking companies need to show an MC number.

MC numbers: everything you need to know

Who is the MC authority certificate for?

If we look at it from a general perspective, then we can say that companies carrying out the following activities are required to acquire a motor carrier number (MC number) and a DOT number (i.e. an MC authority certificate):

  • Il movement of products regulated by a state institution, which are owned by other people. And when the movement takes place by paying a share or other type of compensation.
  • Le persons or passengers who are involved in interstate commerce (for any amount paid directly or indirectly).

Unlike the USDOT number application process, a business organization will need to apply for multiple permissions to start and run their uniquely planned interstate business.

MC numbers: everything you need to know

Which companies do not need an authorization?

This aspect depends on the tax or insurance responsibilities that each company must meet. The companies that can carry out movement activities without an operational authority are:

  • Private carriers (Carriers carrying their own cargo)
  • Moving company for hire who have goods that are not controlled at the state level
  • Transportation companies that operate only in a state-designated “commercial area”exempted from the rules of the interstate authority.

The different types of authority

Any company that apply and request a specific type of Operating Authority it will automatically choose for itself a type of insurance and a certain insurance amount imposed by FMCSA. This is why a cargo handling company should opt for a certain type of Operating Authority that is most relevant to it. It should be noted that the FMCSA has no tuition refund policy.

MC numbers: everything you need to know

How long does it take for the MC number to be active?

Once a company has successfully submitted an application for their number to obtain approval for trucking operations, they need to approximately two weeks for the issuance and activation of the MC number. It is recommended that during this time period they hire registration service professionals as consultants to meet any drug and alcohol requirements, along with other types of transportation permits.

Also, after a moving company has completed all formalities such as the application and form to acquire MC and USDOT numbers, a minimum of 21 business days is required for the authority to activate them. It is also worth considering whether the costs are recurring or not. Note that the cost to be paid for each operating authority is only a one-time fee of approximately $ 300 – $ 350. Therefore, we recommend that you submit separate filing fees when submitting your application.

MC numbers: everything you need to know

Bonus Information: What is a USDOT Number?

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) designates an identification number for moving companies. Each USDOT number is unique and belongs to only one handling business. It is mandatory for any moving company that transports people or goods across state borders to have their own unique number. These companies register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The FMCSA uses the USDOT number. In this way, the FMCSA holds track the performance of a moving company and ensures consumer protection. You should never rely on a moving company without a USDOT to move across state lines. Because this number is required for all inter-state commercial transport. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!

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