MCU: Hulk’s future looks bright

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Hulk didn’t get the care and attention he deserved in the MCU, but it looks like his future is about to change

The problems related to the management of the Hulk character were mainly caused by the rights to the character which were still in the hands of Universal. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, is well aware of how much the character is loved by Marvel fans, the Jade Giant, in fact, since his creation, has become one of the most popular protagonists, dedicating several films, TV series and animated series to him. Problems, however, arose even when Edward Norton came into conflict with Marvel Studios by deciding to abandon the project after the flop of the first film “The Incredible Hulk”the second in the MCU in order of release, leaving room for Mark Ruffalo who interprets it from The Avengers fino a She-Hulk Attorney At Law.

What to expect from Hulk’s future in the MCU

MCU: Hulk's future looks bright

After his first and only standalone film, the Hulk only appeared as a supporting character in the crossover films Avengers, Thor Ragnarok e She-Hulk, but where can we see it again? There is good news: the rights to the Jade Giant are back in the hands of Marvel, which were previously owned by Universal Studios. This represents the turning point, as Kevin Feige stated that the character was used very little. First, he might even reappear in Captain America: Brave New Worldwhere there will also be General Ross, this time played by Harrison Fordwhich according to some rumors, will become Red Hulk. It seems that he won’t be the only one, we will in fact see many more members of the green family. It will most likely also appear in Avengers: The Kang Dynastybut it has been rumored for several months that there will also be another film dedicated to him, based on World War Hulk, where his son is expected to reappear Skaar.

Now that the rights have returned to their rightful owners, Hulk’s future in the MCU looks bright and we could see very interesting stories concerning not only Bruce Banner, but also Jennifer Walters, Thaddeus Ross, Skaar and other characters not yet shown. Continue to follow us on so as not to miss the next news on the Green Goliath and other things regarding Marvel.

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