MEATER Plus: an original Christmas gift

MEATER Plus, the innovative smart thermometer for meat, is a true ally of Christmas, guaranteeing the perfect cooking of roasts and braised meats. A perfect gift for all lovers of Christmas lunch

Christmas is already in the air and for Italians it means three things: family, gifts and Christmas lunch. Tradition involves serving a roast (or, in the North, also a braised meat), but we can feel free to indulge ourselves with different types of meat, from guinea fowl to duck, from turkey to beef, cooked with family recipes and starred chefs. . For any recipe, meat but also fish, MEATER Plus is the solution for measuring the temperature of your dish in the oven with extreme precision. So why not give it to your friends and family, helping them to make their Christmas perfect? MEATER Plus will prevent their roast from becoming too dry, guaranteeing juicy and perfectly cooked meat every time.

MEATER Plus: an original Christmas gift

MEATER Plus: the smart thermometer

MEATER Plus è a smart kitchen thermometer, useful for both beginners and experts, simple to set up and use. This gadget not only ensures succulent dishes, but allows the chef to get away from the oven, allowing him to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Thanks to a special Guided Cooking System and an advanced patented algorithm, allows you to monitor your dish from the app for smartphones and tablets and estimate cooking times.

A valid help in the kitchen

The strength of the wireless signal, thanks to the Bluetooth repeater in the charging station, covers a radius of 50 meters. In addition, it is possible to extend the connectivity range of MEATER Plus to that of your Wi-Fi network, through the MEATER Link function. This allows you to move away from the cooking station to use your time as you prefer, without having to constantly check the dish.

MEATER Plus can be used with a vast selection of meats and cuts, even for cooking fish. After the Christmas holidays, you can then use it for the rest of the year in all your favorite cooking, not only in the oven, but also in the barbecue, on the grill and in the pan.

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