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MEATER Plus: here comes the smart cooking thermometer

Apption Labs’ brand new MEATER Plus smart thermometer is coming, revealing the secrets of cooking meat

The Apption Labs smart device allows chefs and simple enthusiasts to monitor meat cooking from their smartphone and obtain professional results. The totally wireless probe constantly communicates with the MEATER app and, thanks to an algorithm, estimates the cooking times of your favorite meat.

Details on the new MEATER Plus meat thermometer

Pan-fried Florentine steaks, ribs on the barbecue, roasts but also game and baked sea bream. The new MEATER Plus cooking thermometer can be used with a large selection of meats and cuts, even for cooking fish. Developed by Apption Labs, a smart device research and development center founded in 2015 by Joseph Cruz and Teemu Nivala, with over 30 years of experience in hardware and software engineering. Useful for both beginners and experts, it is simple to configure and use and, thanks to the constant monitoring of the app for smartphones and tablets, it allows you to never make a mistake when cooking your favorite meat.

MEATER Plus: here comes the smart cooking thermometer

The innovation behind MEATER Plus

MEATER Plus is a valid ally especially when you intend to cook thick cuts of meat. For which it is known that it is difficult to obtain the desired degree of cooking and match the results of the chefs, deriving from years of experience and culinary studies. The device, therefore, also supports the less experienced in avoiding that the meat is overcooked or too raw. Taking advantage of a special Guided Cooking System and an advanced patented algorithm that estimates cooking times. Unlike other smart kitchen thermometers, MEATER Plus is equipped with a stainless steel probe and completely wireless ceramic. Thus, thanks to two sensors, it monitors both the internal temperature of the meat (up to 100°C) and that of the surrounding environment (up to 275°C).


All of the technology, therefore, is contained within the probe, eliminating the need for external cables. The strength of the wireless signal, thanks to the Bluetooth repeater in the charging station, covers a radius of 50 meters. In addition, it is possible to extend the connectivity range of MEATER Plus to that of your Wi-Fi network, through the MEATER Link function. This allows you to move away from the cooking station to use your time as you prefer, without having to constantly check the dish. The MEATER app, in fact, provides the estimated cooking times and sends an audio-visual notification when the meat is ready to be served.

An intuitive app to communicate with the MEATER Plus meat thermometer

The MEATER app can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets from the App Store or Google Play Store. It allows you to configure your MEATER Plus in just a few minutes, pairing it via Bluetooth with your smart device, from which you can access multiple functions. Every time you want to use the Guided Cooking System, you just need to select the type of meat, the cut and the cooking method; suggestions will also be provided with the recommended temperature based on the degree of doneness chosen. The app also gives you access to various functions for the more demanding, including customizable cooking options and alerts. In addition to displaying the statistics relating to the cooking performed; for the more social, it is also possible to access video content with recipes and suggestions, save your favorite “recipes” and share them on the main social media or among your friends.

MEATER Plus: here comes the smart cooking thermometer

The versatility of MEATER Plus: a device for all needs

MEATER Plus can be used in a variety of cooking methods, from the barbecue to the smoker, from the rotisserie to the classic oven. After use, the probe can be placed directly in the dishwasher, because, thanks to the high quality of the materials, once washed, it will be as good as new. The types of meat and cuts contemplated are innumerable and are constantly enriched. Not only traditional Italian meats such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, duck, but also various fish, including salmon, tuna and trout. Up to selections in step with the innovation of the food world, such as lobster, deer and kangaroo. It is thus possible to embark on the discovery of new flavoursfor a customized cooking experience based on everyone’s different needs.

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